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Manuchehri hosts two upcoming events

Marie Manuchehri, host of the show of the same name on Alternative Talk 1150, invites listeners to learn more about two exciting events coming up.

Ignite Your Connection to Spirit, September 18th through 23rd, is being held as a retreat in Las Alpujarras, Spain. The six-day retreat is a chance to connect to spirit. Las Alpujarras is located between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Mediterranean Coastline. The event itself will be held in the Hidden Paradise Center.

Attendees Mariewill learn practical and fun techniques to separate mental chatter from intuitive, and spiritual guidance; Receive feedback and support during group gatherings and as Marie communicates with spirit guides; Discover messages that the universe is sending; Build confidence to follow intuition and manifest the life of dreams; And create a deep friendship with  higher-self.

In October, Marie is offering Reiki Workshop. During the two-day event, scheduled for October 21st and 23rd, attendees will be attuned to all three levels of Reiki. Attunements are designed to increase the body’s vibrational frequency, allowing people to expand their emotional healing and spiritual growth as well as promote change in the body on a cellular level.

In the process of receiving the attunements, there will be guided meditations to deepen their intuitive awareness as well as time for hands-on work. Marie will also discuss the Chakra system, which plays an essential role in individual health. Additionally, she will share her personal insights on energy medicine for anatomy and the reasons behind illness, including how and why energy medicine can help people heal.

For complete details about both events or to learn more about Marie Manuchehri Show log on to here.




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