Love Shack Live: When Someone You Love Has Anxiety

Tune to Love Shack Live, Thursday, January 7th at 1 p.m. as Tom and Staci Bartley take on the subject of anxiety.

“In this episode we’re talking to Keely Meagan, a certified Community Resilience Model teacher, Reiki practitioner and Reconnective healer, who has been helping people break free from anxiety’s grip for the past decade. With everything 2020 delivered us, navigating the world today is hard enough. But you know how much harder it can be if you, your spouse, partner, or loved one struggles with anxiety,” said Staci, adding “How are you supposed to know exactly how to talk to your partner or loved one about their anxiety without hurting their feelings?”

Staci says that it can seem impossible, especially when you have no idea how it feels but you both know that it is affecting your relationship.

“Join us in the Love Shack where Keely will be sharing simple, life-saving practices (based on cutting-edge neuroscience) which reset fraying and frazzled nervous systems,” she said.

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In this episode we cover several key topics including:

  • What anxiety actually is and what it feels like.
  • How anxiety can hijack our relationships and exactly what we can do about it.
  • The one important message you must know about anxiety today and how to deal with it in our current world climate.

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