Loretta welcomes award-winning media guest


Award-winning Canadian screenwriter, entrepreneur, indie-film director, and producer Brad optioned two screenplays to an Oscar & Emmy-winning producer at a major Hollywood studio and has received 8 Awards/Nominations for his feature film scripts. They are currently working on getting the films into pre-production along with several other enlightened projects in development.

Brad is a member of the Canadian Media Producer’s Association and is active as an Assistant Director under the Director Guild of Canada. As a screenwriter, performer, and assistant director, he has worked on motion pictures and TV shows ranging from Disney, Paramount, Sony Pictures, and Twentieth Century Fox to A&E Networks, CBC, Lifetime Media, and Hallmark.

Raised in a diverse Toronto suburb, Brad poured his Canadian Army service, corporate career days from RIM/BlackBerry, Reiki practitioner energy, shamanic practices, entrepreneurial experience in real estate investments, and building smartphone apps (plus a wee bit of those Second City Toronto Improv Comedy chops) into his writing — placing high in many world-renowned screenplay contests out of Hollywood.

Brad Wozny is also a Podcaster with The Sovereign Soul, where he is here to Empower One’s Soul and Uplift Humanity.

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