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Loretta to talk technology and time travel

Tune in Thursday, June 28th from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. (repeats Monday, July 2nd) to hear The Original Loretta Brown Show when Loretta will interview long-time alternative radio show host, HIllary Raimo. They will be discussing her book, The Hillary Raimo Show Transcripts: Conversations on Technology, Time Travel, ET’s, 9/11, and Consciousness.

In these turbulent times, when freedom of speech is being capped with tighter control, Raimo’s authentic interviews offer deep hindsight into the formative years of many hot topics today, such as technology, time travel, data collection, climate change exploitation, the evolution of consciousness and much more. Her book is a testament to the power of alternative media and the millions of listeners who engage with it.

A leading voice in this industry since 2005, Hillary has been heard on Achieve Radio as the host of The Hillary Raimo Show for over a decade. She brings powerful information to listeners without the gratuitous showmanship and partisan censorship too often found in mainstream media. Her topics have included alternative health, ancient history, UFO research, whistle-blowers on a variety of topics, energy, cryptocurrency and more. This book is a compilation of conversations with some of the most intriguing guests on the planet on a variety of subjects relevant to the world we are in today. She asks the questions that engage her guests in mind-bending synergistic conversations that will entertain, engage and educate readers to such extraordinary heights as to make them question much about their world today and leave them asking for more.

With a background in business and healing arts, Hillary brings a unique mixture of spiritual and intuitive insight into a variety of topics, and her guests are always excited to return and share the conversation space with her. Now the world can read many of the life-altering stories she has so adroitly elicited from the minds of those whose voices we so need to hear.

Hillary has consulted on many projects as an intuitive visionary and is sought after by many to add to their professional teams. As a consultant on the WorldBit.com project in 2017, Hillary helped guide the head technologist of Alibaba in creating a new way of incorporating cryptocurrency into everyday needs. Shortly after the ICO launch, Hillary was invited to England to photograph & document 22 women on a pilgrimage through the ancient sites of Avalon, an experience that strengthened her resolve to stay true to her heart and follow her dreams. Hillary has completed art residencies in Europe, the Middle East and in Upstate New York. Her work is on frequent exhibit in galleries and shows in New York.

Find out more about Loretta and her fascinating show here.

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