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Loretta Brown welcomes Araya

Tune in Thursday, February 1st at 8 a.m. – 9 a.m. as Loretta Brown welcomes special guest Araya, a certified Psychic, Medium, Angel Channel and Energy Healer by the American Federation of Certified Psychic Mediums and a certified Refloxology Practitioner through the Universal College of Reflexolgy.

Araya began her spiritual journey of awakening in 1994 after spending 10 days learning the art of meditation at a Buddhist monastery in Southern Thailand. This experience was the 180-degree turn that has led to so many others since then. She began teaching and sharing meditation in February of 2003, a full 9 year cycle later, based on guidance during her own practice and a surrendering to the inner voice of Spirit trying to align her with her soul purpose,

Divinely guided, in September of 2007, Araya attended a workshop in Kona, Hawaii and that fall she was able to bring through a tremendous guidebook to work with the dragons – The Dragon Within – which has facilitated new levels of opening for all of its readers.

Combined with reflexology, which she added in 2016, her sessions now focus on uncovering the underlying emotional blockages at the soul level and helping individuals connect to and release those emotions, so that they too may experience the joy of God’s Love entering their Soul and break through to the next phase of their Soul’s growth.

Araya AnRa says she is a child of Mother/Father God on a journey Home.  Her personal expression of God is as a healer, a harbinger of change, a catalyst and bridge to removing blocks and finding greater Truth for each of the souls that feel ready to dive in.  She specializes in breakthroughs and taking people quickly into the underlying emotional core of what is holding them back from living the Truth of who they BE.

Find out more about her here.

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