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Leo Current and Upcoming Astro Weather

Madame Ximon joins Sue to illuminate the energies and involving her dedicated focus on Black Moon Lilith in Aries as it trines communicative Mercury and dances with fiery Mars. Wilful Leo soon trines to encourage the action-oriented Mars in its natural home sign of Aries. Tune in to “Uranus Retrograde: Change and Revision”.

Madame Ximon, an archetypal astrologer, Tarot reader and visionary fine artist lives on Camano Island, WA. She has studied and practiced divination arts for three decades to help clients gain clarity around their personal growth, relationships, and life challenges. Madame Ximon creates custom art based upon astrological events, and one-of-a-kind hand-stitched herbal dream pillows.

She dedicates her primary astrological research to studying the many forms of Lilith.

Join your host, Sue Rose Minahan, as she discusses the orchestra of life that is the Cosmos. Astrological archetypes and their related cycles take the center stage as Sue navigates the unconscious patterns that represent humanity’s collective experiences, carried from time’s past into the present. Each week brings a guest joining Sue in a conversation deliberating and sharing their astrological or life perspective on a subject involving the month’s archetype and cycle.


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