Perhaps the most arduous trip you can take is the one toward better understanding yourself. For millennia, travelers have sought out their inward meaning and how they fit into the complex puzzle of the world.

For many, the impulse to take the long and winding journey toward greater understanding is simply avoided or, in worse cases, medicated away. . .not so for one host on KKNW.

JDK Wyneken, host of This Show Is All About You, heard Mondays at 3 p.m.to 3:30 p.m., has traveled the world, studying the human experience and living his life to the best of his ability. His deep dive into the world, its people, and our shared experience has led to his life’s work of author, PhD historian, poet, storyteller, and social commentator.

“In just about everything I do, my focus is on learning about myself and other people. I love talking about the things I know a lot about, and perhaps even more so the things that are new and of which I am learning,” he said, adding, “It’s all about connection for me, as I’ve found that it is what we all most crave and need, especially in these crazy times.”

Like all journeys, there are ups and downs. JDK’s life has been no exception. Addiction and personal trauma took up residence in his life and he struggled to win the battle. Ultimately, he made it to the other side of this darkness and began to reimagine what his life could be instead.

Through travels, writing, countless conversations, and honest observations, JDK has been transformed into a guide for others who are seeking their true selves.

“We all have the ability to turn our lives around and discover more about the world around us. My hope is that starting with that kind of personal growth, we can each learn how to better connect into larger communities and push past the problems that often seem insurmountable. It’s not as impossible as we think, and I don’t care if that sounds Pollyannaish or naïve. I’ve seen from my own experience that it’s possible, so that means it’s possible for others as well,” he said.

JDK’s passion for helping others led him to hosting his own radio show, This Show Is All About You, and co-hosting the popular podcast, Breaking Up With Our Bullsh!t.

He says that his fellow travelers need to tune in if they want to hear unique stories that are sure to resonate. Through his storytelling, he employs the tools forged through years of professional training and personal life journeys.

“It’s an honest show and a vulnerable one, as I think that’s what people want most these days,” JDK said, adding, “I’ve purposefully cultivated a wide range of mediums through which to connect with audiences, and I think I’m able to take complex stories and issues and communicate them clearly in ways that help anyone relate, no matter their background or their level of interest. I’ve also lived through the highest and lowest points of life, so sharing those lessons alongside my areas of expertise is something I value.”

JDK is careful to point out that, like his audiences, he continues to search for ways to better understand his personal connection to the world around him. Perhaps it’s this humble approach to walking his path that has inspired so many others to set out on their own journey of discovery.

“Most of the time, people wonder how it feels to share my vulnerabilities and challenges on the air, putting them out in public as I do. I think people wonder if it ever feels uncomfortable and scary. I actually find it’s liberating and empowering to do so, which is the answer I believe most hope to hear when they ask me that question. I think it gives them confidence that they can do that same.”

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If nothing else, at least know that you have a fellow traveler in JDK Wyneken.

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