LISA DSC_7937Career options are expanding and changing so much that maybe your work life is in desperate need of a tune up. Technology, the pandemic, and a growing interest in a diverse workforce have come together to present you with new and exciting career possibilities.
Yes, you have more choices than ever when it comes to where, when and how you will pursue your life’s work. With options, however, can come the risk of “analysis-paralysis,” or the inability to make a decision for all the choices at hand. Your future, it can seem, is cloaked in a fog of indecisiveness. 
There is a beacon of sorts to guide you along the way. 
Tune to Reigniting You™ with Lisa Downs, Wednesdays at 3 p.m., and learn answers to those career questions that have eluded you lately. 
“I love supporting people to live great lives through discovering and recognizing that they have the answers within,” said Lisa Downs, adding, “It’s my role as a coach to tease those answers out.”

Listeners to Reigniting You™ with Lisa Downs know it’s not only a great place to get free career advice, but is also a fun and interesting radio show. 

She shares, “It’s important that my audience gets inspired by what is said on the show. I do this by combining interviews, tips, and real-life stories. All these elements are intended to be a balance of information and inspiration to help the audience take action toward a vision for their future.”

Lisa’s radio show is an extension of her successful practice, where she works one-on-one with clients who are seeking greater career satisfaction.

“I serve as a combination objective sounding board, accountability partner, and cheerleader. After working with me, clients not only have a clear sense of direction and what they’re aiming for in their career or post-work life, they also come away having worked through limiting beliefs and their self-sabotaging behaviors, as well as with specific goals and a plan to go forward with to achieve their vision,” she said.

Lisa is president and owner of New Aspect Coaching, a company that supports 40-plus-year-old professionals in their quest to figure out what’s next in their mid-late careers. Her clients may be looking to stay in the workforce, semi-retire or retire outright. 

Lisa’s own career background has uniquely positioned her to run her company and host the radio show. She has worked as a learning professional for EMC² (now part of Dell Technologies), The Boeing Company, PEMCO Insurance, T-Mobile, and spent six years in the accounting industry prior to going independent with her company in 2015. She is also a past board member for the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and past chair of its National Advisors for Chapters and Chapter Recognition Committee. In addition, Lisa was a past president of the Women Business Owners organization in Seattle. 

Not one to let moss grow on her feet, Lisa is also the author of three books published by ATD to support learning professionals to develop training on listening skills, time management, and negotiation skills.

“Fundamentally, the type of coaching I do is a unique niche that not a lot of coaches focus on (ages 40+ and retirement coaching). Much of the emphasis in career-related coaching these days is on those in their early- to mid-career phase or specific to high-powered leaders and executives,” she said, adding, “Older workers and pre- or post-retirees are an under-served market who need just as much support as anyone else, in my opinion.”

When asked to name the most common questions she receives about her work, Lisa said, “If I help people get a new job.” Upon reflecting more on the question, Lisa said it’s partially right. “I do in the sense that I work with clients on the front end, such as envisioning their life direction, creating a professional brand, updating their résumé and professional profile, and having concrete and measurable career and life goals.”

Always one to help, Lisa says she wants to hear your story. Hear about your career dreams. Hear about your retirement goals. 

Contact Reigniting You™ with Lisa Downs, and share a story about your best job, worst job, or submit a career transition related question at or by calling and leaving a voicemail at 360-436-6496. Lisa will be happy to answer your question live on the air. 

Tune to Reigniting You™ with Lisa Downs. . . who knows, you might just hear some advice that turns the embers of your current career into an unstoppable fire.