Nite Drift

Most of us have seen a similar scene in some science fiction film: A lonely traveler drives down an even lonelier desert road at night. Suddenly, a bright light appears above. With eyes now wide and mouth agape, the traveler realizes that a UFO is descending toward their now mysteriously disabled car. Just a thing of fiction? Maybe, but honestly maybe not.

Listeners who have discovered NITE DRIFT, a show that airs on Alternative Talk KKNW on Sundays at 5 p.m., are learning weekly that paranormal activities may be more normal than previously believed.

“Everyone has a weird story, and I am devoted to uncovering the intimate, human-centric version of these supernatural tales and how it affects us on a personal level,” said Jim Perry, host of the hour-long show.

Jim is creator of the critically acclaimed documentary podcast EUPHOMET, and has now built NITE DRIFT, an interview series about the unknown and our connected relationship. Each week, a panel of paranormal-people, artists, mystics, and thinkers explore the paranormal, share chilling tales, and revel in the great mystery.

“I think sharing stories of those studying or experiencing paranormal events define my adult life and carry with it a great responsibility to do these stories, and these people, justice. It’s important to have fun with it while not being disrespectful to those truly engaged with exploring the strange and keeping in mind the human-centric nature of the phenomenon,” he said.

When fans of the program and podcast tune in they routinely hear some of the weirdest and scariest stories people have experienced followed by commentary from experts in the field. Regardless, listeners learn about the history of paranormal events and related topics of study.

Still, Jim and his guests are always careful not to cross the line into tabloid journalism.

“NITE DRIFT believes that paranormal events occur to people, but we don’t decide on the reasons why and are not trying to sell an answer or agenda,” Jim said.

As with any paranormal-related subject, skeptics are always nearby. Another function of NITE DRIFT is to help people keep an open mind and encourage seeking answers knowing they may never find them. “It’s here we can find the joy of exploring the unknown for the joy of it alone,” Jim said.

To say Jim has taken a deep dive into the world of paranormal would be an understatement.

His interest in the esoteric and paranormal was first inspired by static-filled AM radio broadcasts of Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and reruns of In Search Of, the investigative TV series. Jim’s ideal style of presenting the paranormal “in the raw” for a contemporary audience and has been influenced by the tone and styles of arthouse sci-fi films, street art, Swiss design, indie EDM, and guerilla-documentary projects.

For those not so in tune with the world of paranormal phenomena, questions for Jim abound. One common question he gets is “don’t you ever get scared doing what you do on NITE DRIFT and EUPHOMET?” and his answer is “yes” and “often.”

“Those who are into this stuff who says ‘they don’t’ are probably lying to you. It’s one of the reasons so many of us are drawn to these strange topics.”

If you haven’t already, open your mind by opening your ears to NITE DRIFT, Sundays at 5 p.m.

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