Sara Wiseman

What does your profession mean to you?

I teach spiritual intuition, which means I teach people how to open their psychic gifts from a spiritual perspective. It’s thrilling to help people opentheir gifts! I’m so grateful to connect with intuitive-curious listeners on THE MYSTIC SCHOOL, and to help create on-air spiritual community.


Why should our audience tune into your show?

For listeners who want to learn how spiritual intuition works—not the old superstitions, but a modern approach—that’s what I teach on THE MYSTIC SCHOOL. Each week, I cover a different tool or technique, so that listeners get a solid introduction as to what spiritual intuition is all about. I also do on-air readings with live callers, because it’s important that we share our experiences as humans. What one person is going through, will always resonate with someone listening.


What sets you apart from others in your field?

Some psychics claim they have “special” gifts—but the truth is, we all have special gifts! We just need to learn how to use them. Nobody else—no oracle, no reader, no healer, no guru—has your answers. You have your answers. When you learn how to open a two-way communication with the Universe—that’s where all your answers lie. That’s what I’m here to teach.


In what ways do you help improve your clients’ lives?
Mainstream society is all about competition and separation. When we cut through the chaos and chatter, we can discover what’s really meaningful to each of us—we can start to figure out why we’re here. We aren’t cogs society’s wheel, we’re beautiful souls, each with a unique soul purpose. We’re here to contribute and support each other.


What is the most common question you receive from people about what you do?

“Can you teach me to be psychic?” Which of course, the answer is—yes!




What if you woke up one day and discovered your psychic abilities had suddenly “turned on”?


That’s exactly what happened to Sara Wiseman. Naturally intuitive since childhood, she found herself in the midst of a radical psychic awakening in 2000—after a Near Death Experience brought on a sudden, unexpected opening of her spiritual gifts.


“Everyone is innately psychic, but there are times when intuition can suddenly become much stronger. Life’s challenges and traumas can often trigger this kind of psychic opening.”


“When my own psychic abilities opened, it wasn’t an easy thing. One day I was a regular soccer mom living in a mainstream world. The next day, I was blown open as a psychic—I experienced an extreme, sudden expansion of consciousness.”


Sara wanted to understand her experience, and began to explore the metaphysical, psi and spiritual worlds, trying to learn how to best work with her new psychic gifts.


“Back then, I found very few people who could explain what was happening to me. So I began to experiment, trying different practices, and seeing what happened.”


“I wanted to see if I could repeat psychic experiences—to crack the code of how intuition worked. After about a decade of study and practice, I was ready to teach others—in 2012, I founded Intuition University, for whoever was interested in learning.”


“There’s definitely been a revolution in our understanding about metaphysical work. People who didn’t even know the world “psychic’ are now realizing that they are intuitive themselves—and they want to learn more about how it works. That’s what I’m here to share.”


“Some people still think psychic ability is some kind of parlor trick, but it’s not—psychic opening is actually the result of spiritual growth. When we become more consciousness, everything expands—we literally experience a new level of reality.”


“People seek the answer everywhere outside themselves—they go to workshops, study with gurus, travel the world, take mind-altering drugs—but really, none of that is needed. Every single answer is within you. It is all between your soul and the Universe. It is always an inside job.”


“Learning how to work with our mystic self helps us navigate our very human lives—we’re all going to be faced with challenges and difficulties. When we learn to use intuition and spirituality as tools, we have more support on the path.”




Sara Wiseman is an intuitive, channel and visionary teacher of spiritual intuition. She is the founder of Intuition University and has taught hundreds of thousands of students via her award-winning courses and training.

Sara is the author of 16 books on psychic development and spiritual awakening, including the bestselling Messages from the Divine, The Intuitive Path and The Mystic Way.

A radio host for over a decade, Sara teaches why everything is your answer and what it means to live from your soul, via her popular The Mystic School and Spiritual Psychic podcasts.

​She writes the popular Divinestrology and Daily Divine blogs, and is the creator of Divine Oracle.


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