Successful gardeners know that in order to keep a weed gone for good, they must get all the way down to its root. If not, the problem weed will return again and again. So it goes for people too.

Deeply rooted issues and feelings need to be found and brought to the surface before the actual healing can start.

Greg Kiper, host of At the Root, airing Mondays at 3:30 p.m., is no stranger to helping his audience and in-office patients grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Since his own epiphany years ago, Greg has been helping people understand that through awareness, the answers are always there. They just need a guide alongside to assist in their own discovery.

“It’s been a true calling,” said Greg, adding that he hadn’t always paid attention to the calling. “For years, I denied my true self, I denied my gifts, and becoming a Psychotherapist and Life Coach has been an opportunity to give back to others, and share my expertise and many experiences, so they could live better lives.”

Greg is a licensed Psychotherapist and Holistic Life Coach with an office located in North Bend, Washington. He works with clients as a therapist, whether it be in person or via tele-health. In addition, Greg works with coaching clients internationally.

“I have the training and experience as a Psychotherapist, but there is so much more to understanding our inner selves and the source of our struggles than therapeutic modalities. I offer a holistic approach looking at the mind, body and spirit for answers we seek.”

Greg’s attention and time are focused on what matters most – family, his life’s work, and personal growth. He has been married to his wife for 33 years and they live in the Snoqualmie Valley. Greg enjoys singing and playing the guitar, gardening, reading, and is an avid skier.