For some, it can seem like their lives are just passing them by. Too many dreams unfulfilled and opportunities missed. As the years pass, it can seem more and more a distant possibility that they will live the life of their dreams.
Sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, according to at least one Alternative Talk 1150 host, Dr. K. Mhina Entrantt, it’s never too late to realize the life of your dreams.

“I help my clients by reassuring them that anything is still possible for them to achieve their goals. It is not too late to live their best life and their deepest dreams,” said Dr. K (as she is known on the air).

As a Mental Health Administrator for over 30 years, Dr. K pioneered culturally inclusive mental health services for people of color, migrant workers, and language barrier interventions for Spanish speaking clients. Dr. K created community workshops for people experiencing chronic homelessness, mental health issues, and multi-layered barriers to successful self-sustainment. She has received numerous awards for her innovative systems and training of others. She also created specialized group therapies for women and children who experienced domestic violence in their homes.

In short, she walks her talk.

“My profession means that I have the opportunity and pleasure of sharing a message of hope, inspiration, and providing tools for success,” she said.

Dr. K has decided to take her skills and positive influence to the airwaves and through a podcast.

Attuning to Your Abundance, airs Mondays at 5 p.m. (PST) / 8 p.m. (EST). During the show, Dr. K teaches the audience in a way that intentionally creates “a-ha moments,” inspiring insights, and is applicable to their lives. Fans of the show love her enthusiasm, humor, and spiritual principles.

“The audience tunes into my show because it is a guarantee that they will hear about positive ways to get through their day,” she said. Dr. K uses the tools of conversation, poetry and music to help make her points.

If the participants to her workshops are any indication, listeners to her radio show will find Dr. K’s program “life-changing”, “inspiring,” and “the real deal.” Gratitude and dedication, she says, play a big part in her life and her mission to help people in need.

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