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Host’s Inner Light Shines Through During Uplift Radio

MIchelle Woodward When you scan the morning commute-time radio offerings across the dial in the Seattle area, you will notice a lot of sameness. Same music. Same shock talk. Same political handwringing.
If you search deeper down the AM dial during your morning commute, though, you will discover Uplift Radio on Alternative Talk 1150. Moments into the show, you will know you have stumbled onto something refreshingly different – something with a higher purpose.
“We are focused on bringing positive news. Highlighting the things that are going right in our lives,
communities and world. We bring ways people can activate around issues that matter to them,” said Michelle Woodward, host of Uplift Radio, heard Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 7 a.m.

Woodward’s show along with her exposure to radio has evolved over the last many months. From her roots with Higher Wellness Radio to now her own venture in Uplift Radio! Woodward has stayed focused on improving listener’s lives.

“It’s my nature to share the good that is happening in the world. Because despite what you hear in mainstream media, there is a lot of good happening. I am passionate about activating people to take back the power in their lives and live on purpose. I see radio as a great platform to connect with the community worldwide, plus, I don’t have to worry about what how my hair looks or what I am wearing – although I still do some days.” she said.

During the one-hour long show each weekday morning, listeners can expect to hear interviews and information on the topics that matter to them most, including community affairs, alternative health and wellness, metaphysics, social justice, education, family matters, animal welfare, environmental issues and much more. All topics are selected by Woodward with the intention to build community and help her audience see their own innate power and reclaim it!
Still, a 5-day-per-week show covering such demanding subjects can be a heady project for those involved.
“The biggest challenge in creating this show is always finding new and fresh ways to keep the busy listeners engaged, but this challenge is also one of the greatest joys,” said Woodward, who also referenced the efforts of her broadcast team. She added, “There are many moving pieces at any given time in the radio business and managing all those has proved challenging as well.”

Besides her work on radio, Woodward is a psychic, intuitive, and empathic life coach whose purpose is to uplift humanity through empowering those who feel strongly they came in with a purpose with the spiritual technologies that free them up to align with and live that purpose now.

Michelle has a love for humanity along with an insatiable curiosity for how to maximize this life experience. She uses her life as a laboratory and lives what she teaches. She has been in private practice as a Life Coach for past 13 years, is a Reiki Master, and is even a crystal expert. Michelle describes herself as an “Everyday Alchemist.”

Busy on and off air, Woodward still finds time to plan for the future of her program.

“Beginning in July 2016 we are holding a monthly Uplift Hour – think happy hour but only better – at local businesses with our listeners, sponsors and other friends of the show to create more community. We are also looking forward to the growth of the show and reaching more and more listeners not just in the Puget Sound area, but across the planet. We are on iTunes now and have plans in the works to do regular Facebook live moments and recording segments with our guests on YouTube.”

For complete details about Uplift Radio and the work Woodward is doing, please log on to www.upliftradioseattle.com or check out our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UpliftRadioSeattle/