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Spotlight: The Divine Insight Show – with Travis Taylor

I guess you can say Travis Taylor has had the divine insight to create the life he wants. The previous sentence contains words that formed the names of his last two radio programs, Create the Life You Want and Divine Insight. Both programs aptly named when one considers the breadth of Travis’s commitment to helping those around him.

“I absolutely love teaching, so I offer various workshops throughout the year, such as my April 21st Past Lives and Soul Retrieval Workshop I’m offering at East West Bookshop, and I continue to see clients for one-on-one healing or mentoring sessions,” said Travis, adding that he is not stopping at just radio programs and workshops in his quest to educate. “This year I’m also putting together a video series that I’ll soon be putting on YouTube, which will include an entire series of workshops I taught on Energy Medicine. There will be nearly 18 hours of video content, including topics such as the Human Energy System, Universal Laws, Mediumship, Communicating with the Other Side, Intuition, and much, much more.”

It’s clear to the listeners of Divine Insight, heard Tuesdays from 5:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. and then repeated Thursday mornings from 6:30 a.m. to 7 a.m., that Travis is devoted to helping others, regardless of the media used. Travis is busy, splitting his time between his radio program, healing practice, workshops, writing pursuits, and a career helping end discrimination. Travis graduated with double majors in Sociology and Criminology, studying human behavior and institutionalization of people of color. His passion for equal rights and justice led him to his law degree, where he focused on employment discrimination, labor law, and human rights. He is currently the City Investigator at the Department of Human Resources for the City of Seattle.

“I enjoy helping people achieve their highest potential and live their best lives,” said Travis, who is also a licensed Reiki Master Teacher and a clairvoyant medium.

Travis launched his foray into radio in 2014 when he started the program, Create the Life You Want. He hosted that program for two years before taking a hiatus to recharge his batteries, returning to Alternative Talk 1150 last year with a new program, Divine Insight.

“I first heard about Alternative Talk radio from a colleague who had her own show, and it sounded like a lot of fun. Then I met Benny, a daytime Producer on KKNW, because we happened to play on the same softball team and I thought, ‘wow, that kind of coincidence I couldn’t ignore.’ I knew I wanted to reach more people and help as many people as possible, and radio was the perfect way to do that,” he said

Travis took what he learned from that initial show and developed a new program, with the same thoughtful Travis, just a different delivery.

“The Divine Insight show has a reputation with listeners of featuring guests who are on the cutting edge of their fields, with topics ranging from science and psychology, to spirituality and consciousness, among others. I’m also psychic, so have the ability to provide accurate and specific information to listeners all over the world, that gets to the heart of the issue or challenge they are facing in their lives,” he said, adding, “I love that in just a half hour, my show can provide listeners with practical, useful, and easy-to-incorporate tools to transform their lives.”

Travis is ever striving for personal improvement and ways to keep his radio program fresh.

“I will continue to do my best to bring incredible thought and industry leaders to the show, such as one of the most famous astrologers of our time, Alan Oaken, who will join me on my April 24th show. I’m also currently writing a memoir, due out later this year or early next, in which I’ll share some of my story and experiences that have helped shape my life and led me on the path of healing,” Travis said.

Be sure to tune each week for Divine Insight, right here on Alternative Talk 1150.

For more information about Travis, his radio program, and other pursuits:

Facebook: @_intuitivetravis
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Email: travis@divineinsight.com
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