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Spotlight: Animal World

It’s been said that the world has gone to the dogs. Well, perhaps it’s bigger than that. . .just maybe, the world is going to all the animals. One person who might argue this point is Martha Norwalk, host of the popular radio show Animal World, heard Sundays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. right here on Alternative Talk 1150.

“I love animals and helping people understand their animal friends and solve any problems they are having,” said Martha, adding, “Doing a radio show seemed like a great opportunity to serve more people and their animal friends. It only took me doing one show to fall in love with radio and want to continue long term.”

“Long term” is a bit of an understatement on Martha’s part. She has been gracing Seattle airwaves with her animal-friendly message for over 24 years, a lifetime in the world of radio. Part of her success has hinged on her audience’s love of the animals in their respective lives. Cats, dogs, horses, birds and so many more animals take center stage during her three-hour program.

Animal World is indeed a unique program, consisting of hours of education and entertainment all served up by the host, her guests and even those who call into the show. People gravitate to the program each week for advice on animal behavior, training and healing.

“The show is like a free, remote advice show for callers and their animal friends,” said Martha.

Interestingly, even listeners without animals in their lives tend to love the show.

“What could be better? Many of my listeners tell me they do not have any animals, but still love listening to the show,” she said.

Besides her shows on KVI, KOMO and now KKNW, Martha has carried her mission to help animals and the people who love them outside the confines of radio. She works diligently as an animal behavior therapist and trainer. She works privately at her client’s homes or even over the phone to help them solve the problems they are having.

Martha says she usually only needs to see her clients once to give them immediate results. Following the visit, she phones in checkups to gauge progress. She also offers free, no-obligation phone evaluations to those needing help with their animal friends. Additionally, Martha does whatever she can to help and support the shelters, rescues and sanctuaries she promotes on the air.

One might think that after decades of dedication to animals Martha would be ready to slow down. In truth, her energy for the subject continues to burn bright.

“Because I so love what I do and consider it service rather than work, I hope to do more of the same. I do not intend to retire and will continue serving the world of animals as long as I am able to do so,” she said.

Do yourself, and the animals in your life, a favor. Tune into Animal World with Martha Norwalk, Sundays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. right here on 1150AM, and for complete details about Martha’s fascinating work and engaging radio show, log onto www.marthanorwalk.com.