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Spotlight: Dr. Andy’s Wellness Corner

Listeners to Dr. Andy’s Wellness Corner know that the radio program and its host are about so much more than just chiropractic care. Fans of the show know that the man behind the mic each week is all about education, and loves to teach anyone who will listen about improving their overall health, wellness and nutrition.

For Dr. Andy Marrone, his show is just part of his life’s mission.

“I teach what it truly means to be healthy, and go over a broad spectrum of health and wellness topics, issues, and concerns to educate the public on how to reclaim and maintain their vitality so they can live life to the fullest,” he said.

Dr. Andy’s Wellness Corner has aired on 1150AM for the last four years and is currently heard each week on Mondays from 9 a.m. – 10 a.m.

“I have always wanted to do a radio show, and many of my patients have told me that I have a voice for radio,” he said.

Long before his radio show, he had a revelation.

After being hit with debilitating low back pain during his undergraduate studies, he went to see a chiropractor, who also happened to be his long-time Karate instructor and later, mentor. With just a few adjustments, Andy began experiencing first-hand the power of chiropractic care, which helped him achieve a level of balance and clarity he never knew was possible.

Following this life-changing experience, Andy began forging a remarkable career, becoming a doctor, educator, and lecturer. And now, after many years of clinical experience, and extensive knowledge of enzyme nutrition, he is both a sought-after practitioner and lecturer.

“I practice in Redmond, Washington, where I also volunteer in the school system, helping children with reading issues. I have an active blog on my website at redmondridgenutrition.com, where listeners can reach out to me with health and wellness questions,” said the increasingly busy doctor, adding, “Recently, I released my book America’s Health Crisis (available on Amazon or in his office). Give it a read for your family’s sake.”

Dr. Marrone doesn’t waste his own time and isn’t about to waste yours. He says that chiropractic care isn’t just about treating pain; it’s about removing roadblocks and paving the way to a happy, healthy life full of enjoyment and energy.

Hosting his own show has been a challenge, though, both in terms of scheduling and securing great content.

“It’s always a challenge to present the facts without sounding biased. I truly believe that all health professions have value, and that all healthcare professionals play a vital role in either illness care or wellness care, depending on their credentials,” he said.

As for the future of his show, Dr. Marrone says he looks forward to more of the same. . .more great information heard each and every week.

“I hope to do more interviews and reach out to some of the other radio show hosts, as well as continue to cover health and wellness topics pertinent to the awesome and intelligent Northwest population. I also strive to give listeners the latest, most cutting-edge research and news on health issues.”

Learn more about this wonderful program and dedicated host at redmondridgechiropractic.com!