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Spotlight: So You Think You’re Awake

Dreams are powerful. Waking up from a powerful dream can have an effect on a person well beyond the dream itself, leaving a person with lots of questions.

Why did I have that dream?

What does it mean?

Will it happen again?

Those seeking answers to their dreams have a wonderful resource in So You Think You’re Awake?, which is heard Mondays from 1 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

The program has been a favorite of KKNW listeners for over six years.

“The program is solely focused on nightly dreams. Everybody dreams – even skeptics – so my audience is wide. Fans listen to discover their spiritual gifts and get help with their issues. Skeptics listen to poke fun, and end up becoming fans,” said Michael Sheridan, host of the program.

Michael was originally attracted to having his own radio show to help communicate to his existing clients and as a way to reach out to new people who might be curious about his work.

Michael is Ireland’s favorite dream expert. He was a regular on the #1 TV talk show in Ireland, Ireland AM, sharing the stage with both metaphysical and movie stars such as Paddy McMahon and Frank Vincent. He’s appeared on the BBC and countless other premier media outlets, interpreting dreams for his wide audience.

He’s the author of two books. His passion is to see people become all they came here to be and to live their life to its fullest potential. He does this by interpreting dreams. From reading your dreams, he can give clear direction on your life purpose, reveal the gifts that you brought with you to help achieve that purpose, and uncover the blocks you need to overcome to step into alignment.

Drawing on his 27 years experience, Michael blends live dream analysis, interviews and feature spotlights – with a splash of Irish humor thrown in. The dreams he interprets are sent in by listeners.

You can send yours in here.

“It’s challenging time-wise to interpret the many listener submissions and to find the best dreams to include on a show. There are often many email exchanges with a listener before their dream airs.”

To say his radio show and the email dream submissions keep him busy is only part of the story.

Michael writes books. runs free webinars, offers short courses that reveal a person’s spiritual gifts, hosts two-month-long courses that heal childhood trauma, and has even added a one-year, university-level offering where a team of professionals teach you how to do what he does, so you can use it in your own practice.

Still, much of his outreach begins and ends with his radio show.

“The show has become an essential part of my product pyramid. Many people who do my courses have gone through the archives and listened to every one of my shows! That’s dedication.”

Discover this unique and fascinating program, Mondays at 1 p.m. and be sure to learn more about Michael’s mission here.