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Spotlight: DentalMD with Dr. Jessica Saepoff

It seems like advertisements for all sorts of dental care options are popping up lately, from sedation dentistry to marathon, one-day treatments. The responsible evolution of any medical advancement is certainly welcome, and reduction in pain while improving results is a welcome result.

Sometimes, a different approach is actually tried and true…it’s just waiting to be more widely known.

There is a host on Alternative Talk 1150 KKNW who has been practicing and perfecting holistic approaches to dentistry. Long before her radio show, for 30 years in fact, she has been honing her treatments and improving the lives of countless patients.

“I have served the under-served my entire career, including the severely developmentally disabled, the poor, the severely chemically sensitive and allergic, and holistic patients and their families,” said Dr. Jessica Saepoff, adding, “It is difficult for holistic patients and their families to find a highly experienced naturopathic dentist who sees babies and children, and also has extra training in sleep medicine, orthopedics, cranial osteopathy, pediatrics, orthodontics, toxicology, ozone treatment and nutrition.”

Dr. Saepoff started her show on KKNW in 2011 after being a regular guest on another program heard on the station at the time. She is host of DentalMD with Dr. Jessica Saepoff, heard on Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Her programs can be listened to live or via podcast and via YouTube.

“I was encouraged by feedback from patients who said I had enough interesting information to build an entire show about holistic dentistry. There is so much regarding modern holistic dentistry that patients do not hear about or know enough to ask about,” she said.

Dr. Saepoff has a fascinating background, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Massachusetts before attending Georgetown University Dental School. Ultimately, she graduated in 1989 with her DDS degree. Besides dedicating much of her career to her special brand of dentistry, she also stays current on topics such as homeopathy and other energy medicine modalities.

She says her radio show, like her dental practice, is unique in that it spotlights the often overlooked dental causes that can lead to other health problems and how other those problems can manifest in the mouth. Her weekly program helps people see how information is empowering for their own consent and choice. She takes it a step further, by also focusing on the physical and emotional impact of medical procedures.

“Even minor dental and medical PTSD can impact physical, emotional and spiritual health. I encourage people to speak up about feeling triggered during dental visits and to seek care that is more considerate. People can also use knowledge, gratitude, love and forgiveness to overcome their dental phobia,” she said.

Dr. Saepoff rarely slows down. Besides her weekly radio show, she still practices dentistry full time. By remaining active in her practice, Dr. Saepoff is able to convey up-to-date information to her radio show listeners.

“I have daily immersion into the issues and frustrations of the holistic-minded dental patient. I am always thinking of new ways to discuss each topic, so that people can relate the discussion to their own experiences,” said Dr. Saepoff.

Her mission does not end at the doors of her practice or at the microphone of her radio show. She continues to give lectures to dentists on how to better serve the holistic health community. She also addresses the public directly through in-person presentations, and has served on the Washington State Dental Quality Assurance Commission (the dental licensing board) for two terms.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Dr. Saepoff always keeps an eye to the future.

“I hope to expand the show to include more podcasting and videos. I am thrilled that KKNW has added live YouTube to the offerings! I would like to add discussion panels and interviews of other dentists to make the dental topics even more interesting for the listeners,” she said.

You can learn more about Dr. Saepoff and her practice at her website.