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Spotlight: Provacative Enlightenment

Perhaps it is no coincidence that when Eldon Taylor, host of Provocative Enlightenment, first started in radio the blockbuster movie Back to the Future was playing to packed theaters across the nation. Just as in the premise of the movie, Eldon’s past is alive and well in the now and will be into the future with radio being a common thread.

“My experience as both a host and guest dates back more than 30 years,” said Eldon, who along with Ravinder Taylor broadcasts on Alternative Talk 1150. “Our current radio show has been on the air since January 2009. Originally the show was called Mind Matters, but we changed it to Provocative Enlightenment in October 2009, as this better reflects the purpose of the show.”

Provocative Enlightenment airs Thursdays from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

Eldon had always fantasized about the opportunity to host a roundtable event where he could discuss life’s biggest questions with the brightest minds. Hosting Provocative Enlightenment has made this possible.

Past high-profile guests have included Prof. Peter Singer, the world’s most influential living philosopher; Ira W. DeCamp, Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University; Dr. Andrew Newberg, a pioneer in the neurological study of religious and spiritual experiences; Michael Shermer, notable atheist and Presidential Fellow at Chapman University, and many noteworthy scholars and great thinkers.

“Provocative Enlightenment is not about making people feel good or preaching to the choir. Rather, it is an honest search for real answers to enquiries into ‘why we are here,’ ‘why we do the things we do,’ and ‘how can we live better lives, full of quality and value,’” he said, adding, “The guests that come to the show offer real expertise in their area of specialty.”

Eldon admits that what makes his show special, the deep quality of information and the caliber of those discussing topics, is also what makes it so challenging to produce. He and Ravinder must sift through the wealth of information and expertise out there and select guests who not only have some fascinating information to share, but who can also provide practical, real-life solutions to today’s problems. Regardless of the challenges, Eldon says they are proud of the fact they have built such a valuable program.

Not satisfied with the status quo of the program, Eldon and Ravinder are always moving into the future.

“Provocative Enlightenment is a syndicated show with plans to expand the current number of participating stations. KKNW is our home, and we’re proud to be a part of the KKNW team!” said Eldon, continuing, “The one thing we have learned is that there is always more to learn. It is our intention to continue our search for ‘how high is up’ as we enjoy the ride that is the journey of life.”

Both Eldon and Ravinder are busy searching out real answers to life’s central questions. Besides the radio show, they focus a lot of their attention on teaching people how their minds work, why they often fail at their goals or repeatedly find themselves in negative situations, and, most importantly, how to change this. For over 35 years their company, Progressive Awareness, has been researching tools that can assist people in leaving behind self-sabotaging behaviors so that they can actualize their highest best selves.

For his part, Eldon is also the creator/inventor of the InnerTalk subliminal technology. This is a patented technology that has been researched by numerous independent universities and institutions, and been demonstrated effective at priming self-talk.

“Your self-talk is a reflection of your inner beliefs, and when this changes, then so does the life that you experience. We now offer over 300 different titles for self-improvement and personal empowerment,” he said, adding, “In addition to the independent research that has been carried out on InnerTalk, we also hear frequently from users around the globe, who credit the InnerTalk technology with changing their lives.”

All told, Eldon is a NY Times best-selling author, who has written over 20 books, including Gotcha!, Choices and Illusions, Mind Programming, and What Does That Mean. He is the author of over 300 personal empowerment audio and video programs, utilizing his patented and proven InnerTalk technology, an audio technology supporting change.

Ravinder Taylor is Vice President of Progressive Awareness Research, Inc. She has made numerous radio and personal appearances representing the InnerTalk brand, and is a co-author of the, Peripheral Learning Desk Reference, a volume dedicated to reviewing thousands of research designs examining subliminal research.

To learn more about this dynamic couple and their incredible life’s work, log on to http://www.eldontaylor.com.