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Spotlight: Susan Harmon Experience

The world is full of problems. War, famine, disease and all other maladies present daunting challenges to say the least. It would be easy to complain. It would be easy to crawl under the covers and shut out the world. It would be easy to turn a blind eye and do nothing.

It would be easy…except for people like Susan Harmon, host of Susan Harmon Experience – SHE.

“I try to cover issues and subjects others don’t,” Susan said, adding, “I always look for solutions instead of just complaining.”

Heard Fridays at 12 p.m., Susan Harmon Experience – SHE has been on the air for over six years. During that time, Susan has applied a “practical visionary” approach. Each week she discusses with varied guests everything happening in our world, from relationships to music, the environment to corruption, healing modalities to books and art. The constant is her always with an eye towards positive solutions to both personal and world issues.

She says she tries to connect the dots for listeners as she addresses both spirituality and social justice issues that impact all our lives.

Prior to hosting the show, Susan was bitten by the radio bug following a fill-in stint on the popular show Mantz and Mitchell. From there, she decided to have her own show and has never looked back.

“I honestly cannot say anything has been challenging. Every show is new. Every guest a treasure. Working with Eric Burris is a joy,” she said.

Susan does not end her service to the world once she leaves the microphone. She is busy throughout each day spreading her brand of positive energy.

“Oh my goodness. I am a healer, a writer, an artist. I have a YouTube channel. I volunteer in many ways… homeless, women’s shelters. I used to set up drug alcohol and gang prevention programs. I laugh a lot,” Susan said.

Susan says she would love to one day syndicate her radio show and broaden the reach of her podcasts. Fans of her program and other works regularly check out her website to stay abreast of her comings and goings.

In addition to being an author and life consultant, Susan offers up to her listeners her many metaphysical and healing skills. Outside of radio, Susan works, with both groups and individuals as they explore the inner and outer forces affecting their lives.

Susan lives in Surprise, Arizona where she continues to broadcast using Skype. Alder Sherwood and Susan just completed writing a screenplay. Susan recently completed the rewrite of Being Your Multidimensional Parallel Self – A Co-Creative Workbook that will soon be available as an E-book. Susan has expanded her use of bi-locality healing sessions so people may experience energy healing via interstate social distancing.

As for the future, her attitude is simple.

“The sky is not the limit…there are no limits.”