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Spotlight: ARTbeat Northwest

The arts may be appreciated by most, if not all, the human senses. For some, the love of art is in their blood and they want to share their passion with the world. Such is the case with ARTbeat Northwest’s host Pat Pauley, who for years has trumpeted our local art scene.

“My program has been on air for almost five years. I am fascinated by the opportunity to have a radio show where I am free to create content, invite guests, and work with an experienced studio producer,” said Pat, adding, “My show is special because it is a non-profit with a mission of promoting the visual and performing arts in the Pacific Northwest.”

Each week, Pat interviews interesting guests from museums, galleries, arts organizations, live theater and dance troupes, as well as outstanding individual artists. A big supporter of the show is Bellevue Arts Museum and Kirkland Arts Center, and the commercials on the program are donated to them.

After five years on the air, Pat is really hitting her stride.

“At first, it was challenging to recruit people to interview from the art field, but over time, with more contacts, it became much easier. Now, my show guests are booked well in advance,” she said

ARTbeat Northwest airs Tuesdays from 5 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Those with interests such as painting, pottery, sculpture, glass, metal and woodworking, fabric, and other artistic pursuits should tune in weekly. Pat’s guests cover the spectrum of arts and frequent discussion surrounds local plays, opera, ballet, and musical events of all kinds. Authors, who have written books on the arts, are also interviewed.

Besides hosting her weekly show, Pat is on the board of the Kirkland Arts Center and supports it through the KAC Arts Angels. She is also working with Bellevue Arts Museum on the Artful Evening Gala committee and is a sponsor of the much-anticipated July 14th event.

Charity runs deep for Pat as she also contributes yearly funds to a dental clinic in Chiapas, Mexico, run by her brother Dr. Tom Potts. The clinic has been giving free dental care to the native Mayans for over 30 years.

Pat shows no sign of slowing down with her show as her eyes affixed on the future.

“My hope is to continue this show for many more years as I believe it is a real plus for the arts community and also fun and educational for me,” she said.

ARTbeat NW is presented in cooperation with Kirkland Arts Center and the Bellevue Arts Museum.

To learn more about them, see www.kirklandartscenter.org or www.bellevuearts.org.