Killing Buddha. . .a delightfully irreverent, LOL read.


What happens when the least spiritual person on the planet gets hired to make a movie about spirituality? Tune into The Original Loretta Brown Show, Thursday, April 15th at 8 a.m. to find out. The show repeats Monday, April 19th at 6 a.m.

“Killing Buddha is a delightfully irreverent, LOL read. Sara Wells and her crew are exactly what we need to remind us that life is a journey best enjoyed with authenticity, vulnerability and laughter. I couldn’t stop laughing even as I soaked up the wisdom this hilarious tale has to tell. Enjoy this total page turner,” said Elaine Hendrix, Actress (What The Bleep Do We Know!? Parent Trap, Dynasty), and Activist.

When life is in chaos we are forced to change, a lesson successful-but-not-the-way-she-wants-to-be film producer Sara Wells reluctantly learns when her seemingly perfect life comes crashing down. Desperate for work and a new life, she takes on a documentary project about spirituality and the New Thought movement. Will Killing Buddha mark her triumphant return to the riches she thinks her life once contained? Or will she and her mismatched crew of seekers, believers and cynics find that, in the end, it’s not what you have and what you believe in, but who you ultimately become that counts?

Funny and light-hearted, Killing Buddha is a thought-provoking, mostly fictional tale based on the experiences of Betsy Chasse, award-winning filmmaker of the international hit indie film What the Bleep Do We Know!? which ignited the New Thought industry for the new millennium. The book explores the world of New Age / New Thought spirituality and personal growth, exposing both the ridiculousness and the sublimity of the spiritual journey in an authentic and humorous way.

Betsy Chasse is an award-winning filmmaker, best known for her role as co-writer, director and producer of What The Bleep Do We Know?!.

The best-selling author of Tipping Sacred Cows, she has produced over 30 feature films and documentaries. (And yes, some of those would be considered porn…) She is a mom to two spirited and opinionated teenagers, still loves wine, but has decided to leave the Tequila on the top shelf where it belongs.

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