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Kids bumming around the house because of COVID-19 lockdown? This app gets them paid for chores

iStock/Monkeybusinessimages(NEW YORK) — If your kids are stuck at home — and let’s face it, whose aren’t — you might as well put them to work.

With your house now doing triple duty as a workplace and a school as well as a home, it could probably use a cleaning, so turn to a free app called BusyKid

The app, which is available for both iPhone and Android devices, gets your rugrats on a chore schedule, and before they can gripe about it, yes, you can pay them for their services. 

The app lets you not only pick out what needs to be done and when, it also organizes their pay for each task into a Friday “paycheck.” 

More than one million users already use it, according to creator Gregg Murset, who knows a thing or two about harnessing kid power — he’s got six.

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