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Jupiter Rising kicks off May with terrific guests

Be sure to keep your radios tuned to Alternative Talk 1150, especially in May during the Jupiter Rising Show, Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

On May 5th, show host, Eileen Grimes, welcomes Tara Basile as well as Carl Anderson. Tara is a terrific palmist, and Carl is a Bach Flower Remedies specialist.  Then on May 12th, one of the best astrologer around, Lindsay McKenna, joins the show.  She will be on to talk about the state of the United States.  She has done extensive research into many aspects of the Trump presidency, and has come up with some very interesting theories that could possibly mean an abrupt change in our government! 

Lindsay has remarkable depth in her research of just about any subject, and the Trump administration hasn’t escaped her attention! 

The rest of the month continued with more terrific guests, including Pam Drinnon, Matt Shea and Wanda Buckner. 

Learn more about the show and upcoming guests click here.

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