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Janice Churchill, Healthy Bio Solutions Part Two

Janice has had the privilege of working with Health care practitioners for the last 20 years. 8 of those years she was the NW Regional Marking Manager for Standard Process Whole Food Supplements. During that time. She supported several Doctors including; Dick Versendaal, creator of Contract Reflex Analysis (CRA), which is a form of muscle testing at an organ level and Frank Springob, creator of Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT), which also is a form of muscle testing at a cellular level. Currently, She supports Carl Jelstup and works out of the Bellevue Wellness Center. She started Healthy Bio Solutions 3 years ago as a response to EMFs gone wild.

Natural Choice Network is a show that explores the topics of sustainability, natural health, natural food, a healthy mind, and green resources. Host Martha Childress is committed to enhancing community, sustainability and health living in the region for future generations to come and will interview experts on various related topics.

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