James Gore announces amazing Jazz event


James Gore, host of New Urban Unlimited (Saturdays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.) has announced the launch of Jazz In The City’s Seattle Jazz and Culture Festival 2020!

Jazz In The City’s (JITC) inaugural Seattle Jazz and Culture Festival 2020 is a celebration of jazz music’s bilateral influence on art and culture. Jazz continues to evolve artistically with global absorbency of ethnic, classical and contemporary music genres. Jazz is considered America’s first contribution to Western Civilization Art.

The JITC’s Seattle Jazz and Culture Festival February 8 through March 1 will feature a variety of jazz and jazz influenced artists at two venues: The Triple Door in downtown Seattle and the Frye Art Museum auditorium on Seattle First Hill.

The artist line-up and dates:
• Patricia Barber, February 8, 8:00PM and February 9, 7:00PM at the Triple Door.
• Laila Biali, w/Rex Gregory February 11, 7:30PM at the Triple Door.
• Folks Project, February 12, 7:30PM at the Triple Door.
• Eugenie Jones, February 16, 2:00PM at the Frye Art Museum (A free public event).
• Mark Guiliana Beat Music, February 19, 7:30PM at the Triple Door.
• Branford Marsalis Quartet, February 20, 7:30PM; February 21 and 22, 7:00PM and 10:00PM.
• Tuck and Patti, February 24, 7:30PM at the Triple Door.
• An Evening with Stanton Moore, February 27, 7:30PM at the Triple Door.
• Kassa Overall, March 1, 7:30PM at the Triple Door.

Learn more about this amazing event here.

Dialogue takes center stage during the fascinating program, New Urban Unlimited. Hosted by Dr. James R. Gore, the program strives to educate its audience on a variety of issues through the use of quality conversation.

New Urban Unlimited is a story telling radio show where contributors and special guests contribute to the media landscape with compelling and informative dialogue. These guests represent our local, national and global communities,” said Dr. Gore.

Referencing an article in the Harvard Business Review, Dr. Gore said that in our information-saturated age, leaders must have good story telling skills.

“Nick Morgan, author of Power Cues, once was quoted saying ‘facts and figures and all the rational things that we think are important in the business world actually don’t stick in our minds at all, but stories create sticky memories by attaching emotions to things that happen. That means leaders who can create and share good stories have a powerful advantage over others.’ His words really ring true to me,” said Dr. Gore.

Dr. Gore went on to assert that dialogue is probably one of human-kind’s oldest communication traditions; however, it is increasingly important for dialogue to inspire conversation which may invoke change for the future. In this spirit, New Urban Unlimited conveys stories which may very well shape our complex world as we move forward. The program’s contributors focus on local community issues, arts and entertainment, human relationships, real estate, insurance and personal finance, marketing, health, politics and other compelling subject matter.

New Urban Unlimited also features special guests, including such distinguished celebrities as Russell Simmons, Kenny G, Christian McBride, Norman Brown and Will Downing to name a few. Additionally, many local trend-setters who are making Seattle one of the world’s most desirable places to live join in the weekly conversation.

For more information about this unique and special program, log on here.