Is it possible to have a healthy relationship with a narcissist?

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Narcissism as it relates to relationships is a hot topic lately. There are tons of articles and quizzes saying they can tell you whether or not your partner is a narcissist, and how your relationship is surely doomed if they are. It seems like people are often using this label as an excuse for all kinds of bad behavior in their relationships.

It’s time to get it straight, just because someone has disappointed you, criticized you, chosen someone else over you…doesn’t mean they are a narcissist. Join Staci and Tom Bartley, hosts of Love Shack Live on October 14th at 1 p.m. for their conversation to truly understand the difference.

“This week in the Love Shack, we have a favorite returning guest Mike Gorday, MA, a Human Solutions Consultant in the Pacific Northwest. He combines his expertise in human behavior, over 20-year career experience in the helping fields, and 20 years of studying martial arts in assisting individuals and organizations to dramatically improve their situations through coaching and training. Mike is going to shed some light on exactly what narcissism is and how it can affect our relationships,” said Staci.

In this episode, they’re covering several key topics about how narcissism can show up in our relationships, including:

  • The difference between sometimes having narcissistic behavior and actually having a narcissistic personality disorder.
  • Is it possible to have a healthy relationship with a narcissist?
  • How to identify narcissism in ourselves and others.
  • What are your options are if you discover you’re in a relationship with a narcissist?

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