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Inspirational author joins Loretta 3/10

Join The Original Loretta Brown Show, Thursday March 10th at 8 a.m. and enjoy a fascinating conversation between Loretta and her guest, CC Champagne who is author of That Moment.

The Original Loretta Brown Show, which embraces a variety of conversation including Energy Medicine, psychic abilities, sound healing, angels and other curious subjects welcomes CC as she discusses her work of short, nonfiction, stories all completely different except for one common thread, “there’s a reason for everything.” That Moment holds the highest (5 star ratings and reviews) and to date has been read by over 34,000 readers worldwide.

CC lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She grew up around Thoroughbred horse racing industry in which her family was involved. She was also competitive swimmer, and is a novice Fencer. CC has travelled extensively throughout her life.

CC became an author after leaving a successful career in the financial industry. Within the year after resigning her position, she had completed the first draft of her That Moment when her grandmother, then 92yrs old, was stricken by a debilitating stroke. CC took her grandmother home with her against the doctor’s advice to leave her in palliative care. She then hired a physiotherapist to help her grandmother recover.

CC then published That Moment as an e-book at smashwords.com, where it quickly became rated as the highest rated inspirational best seller. CC then was asked to be the treasurer for the Nite of Hope Breast Cancer Charity Board; and currently also volunteeCC20rs for the Kids Up Front Charity.

CC Champagne is currently working on her next book which will be published both in e-format as well as print by mid-2016.

Loretta Brown, for her part, is owner of Reiki Oasis, is an internationally recognized Teacher, Angel Communicator, Reiki Master, Healing Musician, and Intuitive Channel. As your voice from the Oasis, she offers Radio to Open the Heart and Heal the Soul.

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