Ingénée: The Most Powerful Woman Who Ever Lived


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Verbally passed down among the most elite European scholars but never recorded in the written word, Carl David Blake brings the French medieval story of Ingénée: The Most Powerful Woman Who Ever Lived to the world. Professor Blake is an international best-selling author, film director and producer, and a Guinness World Record Holder. Professor Blake taught college English and Communications, and with his undergraduate biology and zoology degrees, he brings you an in-depth look at France during the Dark Ages and the emergence of the brightest and most powerful woman who ever lived.

Ingenee is a true story told to Carl David Blake by an old British scholar of medieval literature when Carl was an undergraduate.  The story left an indelible mark upon his heart, and he promised the distinguished professor that he would someday recall the story of Ingenee.

This well-researched, multi-variant story delves into many genres of literature for your entertainment, but pay careful attention, as the message at the beginning, is a warning. Please do not cast the main spell in this book, as this potent incantation is among the worst against humans. We have consulted with powerful spiritual and religious advisers to assist us in avoiding any demonic entanglements.

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