How To Understand Your Partner Better To Rescue Your Relationship

Love Shack Live (25)

Have you ever wondered WHY we do what we do in our relationships?

Like, have you ever been curious about why we are drawn to fall in love with certain people and are so turned off by others?

“In my work over the past decade, I have gotten the privilege of seeing a person discover their relationship patterns. It’s a connecting of the dots so to speak that always connects back to a person’s beliefs about themselves,” said Staci Bartley, adding, “The compelling drive to understand our partners at times can bump right up against making us obsessed and crazy. But the truth is, making sense of ourselves is a huge and ongoing conversation when it comes to love and relationship, and it’s the key to being able to understand anyone else.”

For better understanding of your partner, tune to Staci and Tom Bartley and their Love Shack Live, Thursday, October 21st at 1 p.m.

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Staci and Tom Bartley, HostsUnderstanding ourselves and the people we love creates a stream of daunting and never-ending WHY questions, to which we want answers! We just KNOW if we can find the answers we are looking for, we can finally eliminate our problems, and uncover the solutions. This experience within us is human and universal. So much so, Carl Jung along with a group of followers developed what is now known as Archetypal Psychology. When exploring archetypes, our psyche can be explored through imagination and metaphors instead of using hard-to-understand words to describe what we know and feel internally.

As Jung stated “Metaphoric images are our first unlearned language. Imagery is also timeless and eternal. Which provides the poetic basis of mind, making possible communication between all people and all things by means of metaphors.”

This week in the Love Shack, Tom and Staci are very excited to have, Claudia Monacelli as a guest. Claudia has quite an extensive background and education. She is a published author, interpreter, professor, international liaison officer, voice trainer, psychic medium, medical intuitive, energy healer, hypnotherapist, consultant for both the Italian and U.S. governments on topics ranging from educational policies to cybersecurity and in addition her research includes sociolinguistics and archetypal psychology.

Claudia, an Archetypal Psychologist, will be giving you a private experience of the power Archetypes can play in our relationships by sharing Tom and Staci’s archetypes both as individuals and as a couple! This is going to be super helpful in exploring how understanding yourself and your partner is the key to rescuing your relationship.

This episode is sure to be insightful, and filled with insights into why we do what we do…and I am sure some shocking surprises for all.

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Tom and Staci have been teaching and mentoring individuals and couples from around the world for the past decade, on how to experience love for a lifetime. They are passionate about helping people lighten up a bit, so they can dismantle the many myths, lies, and taboos that take them nowhere good. Tom and Staci also believe the time has come to share the practical skills necessary that will empower us ALL to navigate through anything. Anything you ask? Yes, anything!
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