How To Stop Fighting In A Relationship In 20-Seconds Or Less

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Do you feel like all you and your partner do is fight with each other? It probably goes something like this: you go round and round having the same argument and instead of resolving anything you both just feel crappy and lonely.

Either they’ve said something that really hurt your feelings, or you did something to hurt theirs.  And the thing is…the aftermath of regret is very often more painful than the fight itself.

Listen, it’s obvious to most of us that fighting is causing our relationships to self-destruct AND at the same time we feel like it’s SO hard to stop doing it. Especially when we don’t know what else to do when we are feeling like something needs to change.

Is there really a way to say what you need to say and NOT fight? Yes, there is!  And this week in the Love Shack we’re going to teach you how. It’s actually very simple, as crazy as that may sound. But without the knowledge, we will continue to do what we know.

Tune into Love Shack Live, Thursday, February 17th at 1 p.m. for this informative topic.

In this episode, we’re covering several key topics about exactly how to stop a fight in your relationship in 20-seconds or less, including:

  • How to begin a difficult conversation. (Hint: it’s NOT “Hey, we need to talk!”)
  • The 3 basic things we are all fighting for regardless of the words that are coming out of our mouths.
  • How to understand when you need to speak up, and when you need to keep your mouth shut.
  • And the number 1 thing you can do right now that will not only stop the fighting as well as the feelings of regret.

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