How To Preserve Your Sanity While Caring For Elderly Loved Ones

Love Shack Live (25)

Is it possible to care for elderly loved ones while maintaining our marriages and taking care of our families? And do them all well?

Can there be a way to make it an enjoyable, rich, and rewarding experience more of the time? And if so, how do we make it all work? And why would we want to? What’s the payoff? Do we only do it because we feel obligated? Or is there more to consider here?

Join the hosts of Love Shack Live, Staci and Tom Bartley, on Thursday, November 4th at 1 p.m. as they welcome guest Josephine Tite, a well-being consultant, and expert on managing the care of others shares with us her playbook of experiences and super-tips to make it all work.

“Together, inside the Love Shack this week, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of caring for others, as well as provide you with some inspiration and resources to help us all turn overwhelming responsibilities of caring for others into a joyful ‘get to,’ instead of a difficult ‘have to’ that brings us down. This is an important, often taboo subject, and also one that can change your experience of life forever,” said Staci.

In this episode, they’re covering several key topics about how to preserve your sanity while caring for elderly loved ones, including:

  • How can we reduce Caregiver Burnout?
  • How does positive psychology make a difference in care settings?
  • How can we change our mindset when it comes to caring for our elderly relatives?

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