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House of Mystery hits 5-year mark

The House of Mystery Radio Show is celebrating five years on the air since landing their first radio station. Currently, the program is heard on VFX 94.5/98.3, KYAH 540AM, KFNX 1100AM and, of course, Alternative Talk 1150AM.

Congratulations to their whole broadcast team!

The program is a fascinating blend of true crime, conspiracy and alternative history. Hosts Alan R. Warren and Kevin Thompson investigate everything in true crime, from the JFK assassination to the Steve Avery Making a Murderer Case. Their guests and co-hosts help keep the conversation lively. Notable guests include Robert F Kennedy Jr., Marcia Clark (OJ Prosecutor), Jesse Ventura, Aphrodite Jones (Investigation Discovery) and many more people that are enlightening.

Joe Uscinski PhD, with the Conspiracy Countdown of the Week, Steven David Lampley, with True Crime Facts you probably didn’t know, and Medium Julie Saville, with her Paranormal Report help round out the broadcast team and bring their own expertise to the conversation.

Tune in each week Fridays from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. and get your weekly dose of true crime, conspiracy, and history analysis!

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