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House of Mystery announces fascinating interviews

If it’s true crime, conspiracy and alternative history that you love to hear, then the House of Mystery Radio Show is the one for you!


We investigate everything in true crime, from the JFK assassination to the Steve Avery Making a Murderer Case!  We follow history from King Arthur to hunting Hitler!  We have had guests such as Robert F Kennedy Jr., Marcia Clark (OJ Prosecutor), Jesse Ventura, Aphrodite Jones (Investigation Discovery) and more!

Sundays, 1:00 am – 2:00 am
Fridays, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

The House of Mystery Radio Show, with hosts Alan R. Warren and Kevin Thompson, was ranked the #3 True Crime/Conspiracy/History Radio Show in the U.S. with over 500,000 listeners in 2016!

Here’s what is on tap in the coming weeks:


Brian Andrew Dunning is an American writer and producer who focuses on science and skepticism. He has hosted a weekly podcast, Skeptoid, since 2006, and he is an author of a series of books on the subject of scientific skepticism, some of which are based on the podcast

In 2012, my girlfriend and I took up residence in a suburban home right outside Seattle, Washington. What we saw and experienced within weeks of moving in, end up sending shock waves through the paranormal community. BREATH IN / BREATH OUT, because this tale is like no other. The Bothell Hell House has finally arrived. This book explains what happened to me and my girlfriend while living there from 2012 to 2016. But that’s not all. I’m not only going to share our horrible experience. I’m going to provide some evidence. Video reenactments of what scared me the most. Aftermath pictures of what attacked us combined with the audio and video evidence are what set this book apart from other haunted tales. What I and my girlfriend lived through and equally important what others before us lived through has come full circle. Yes, this house was featured on Travel Channels Ghost Adventures episode titled “Demons in Seattle.” The episode where Zak Bagans and crew left empty-handed. Why did they leave empty-handed? How does one investigate a malevolent haunting? Those questions and more are finally getting answered. Prepare yourself for an interactive journey.


Seth Shostak directs the search for extraterrestrials at the SETI Institute in California—trying to find evidence of intelligent life in space. He is also committed to getting the public, especially young people, excited about astrobiology and science in general

Mr. Mesereau is best known for acquitting the late Michael Jackson in his world famous trial in Santa Barbara, California. Mr. Jackson was acquitted of all 14 charges in a child molestation indictment. Mr. Mesereau, as Mr. Jackson’s lead trial counsel, conducted jury selection, opening statement, closing argument, and examined and cross-examined every major witness in the five and half month trial. But Mr. Mesereau has accomplished far more than the Michael Jackson case.

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