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Horoscope for the Week of July 27th:

The key this week is: can you keep your brain straight this week? Can you communicate with clarity and concision? Why does it feel like you’re a bit lost in this department. When we gain a foothold over what we’re thinking and saying, we will be better understood, not to mention understanding ourselves that much better. So many planetary force are pulling on your brain-springs; how will you even keep those voices straight? Let’s see what each of the signs will do, to figure it out:

You have two wonderful forces on your side this week: A highly spiritual side that has been coming out for a while now, in you. and two, you have a very powerful creative side that is developing. One hand does wash the other, you are noticing – when you calm your mind down and let it run free, the more it connects to a creative urge that you didn’t realize that you had. You can really learn to enjoy these moments, if you let go and surrender to them.

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All About Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable

If we look at the sign of Leo and Virgo together, we can see the differences: Leo needs and wants to be on top, and Virgo is at the bottom. This sign is the Worker Bee, and lives to serve – and is a perfectionist. We’ve all heard jokes about Virgos being extremely picky, and that is generally true. This sign is truly meant to figure out what needs to be done and get it done as perfectly as they can. Their organizational skills are exceptional, they can clean with pure joy and will proofread something with the keenest eye. The devil is in the details, and go ahead and let Virgo manage all of it. If these people aren’t allowed to work, and work hard, part of them seems missing.

The real purpose of Virgo is to be of service and work cooperatively within a job situation. They are extremely good as critiques and editing; they will always find a misplaced comma or period. Methodical and industrious, this sign is truly efficient and able. Virgos have amazing attention to detail, practicality, with an extremely sharp mind.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the planet that also rules Gemini, but this is a different focus. Mercury always has to do with all facets of the mind, but ruling Virgo is different; the search for information is now pared down to using one’s discriminating mind to perfect the search.

Associated body part: the hands and the lungs. (see Gemini) The issues of challenge: The problem of over-analysis and over-anything is the real big deal. This sign can be uber picky and drive others crazy. If they can let up, then can enjoy life rather than obsessing over the details.

The issues of joy: Ultimate organization of all the little things. When everything is in its place, and there’s a place for everything, Virgo is extremely happy and fulfilled. It is truly a joy for Virgo to have every little detail in order.

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