Horoscope for the Week of Sept 13th:

The navigation of a relationship:  it’s one of life’s most difficult roads to take.  When one enters that partnership, there is a mix of two separate personalities, and the attempt to navigate the middle ground.  This week will be more intense than usual; there’s the strong need to feel merging with the other.  However, along with this merging, there is an equal need for separateness, for freedom.  We have to learn to balance both sides and move forward.  Where will YOU move ahead, and forge your own way?  Let’s see:


You have a few challenges this week, but one of them is that you are thinking like you’d like to get away from the job that you’re doing right now, and perhaps find work all by yourself on your own. In other words starting your own business. It feels like you’re up against two walls one wall has to do with your career the other wall has to do with your home environment. It feels like those two points of view are leaking into your life a little too much and it’s very hard to make decisions about your career right now. If you noticed this about your life you’ll be able to perhaps control what’s happening. Take some time to notice your process this week. It’ll really help you


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All About Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarians are truly the goofballs of the zodiac, and after Scorpio, the universe needs a little comic relief. Sagittarius’ main goal in life is to figure out the secrets of the universe, and most specifically, the meaning of life. How is that done?

Through many things. Education, travel, writing – and of course, pilgrimages — Sag’s have to always be exploring and having adventures. By being forever moving and experiencing life in this way, they will feel as though their lives are continually expanding in the best possible way. Always seeking and discovering!

Often, Sagittarius will find certain careers attractive – such as the law, writing and teaching. In all those fields, they can find
adventure through the mind’s journey instead. And their mind expanding at the same time.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our universe and it’s so symbolic of the true essence of Sagittarius. The idea of Jupiter is about expansion of consciousness.

Associated body part: The thigh. Its amazing that the largest bone in the body takes after the largest planet in the solar system!

The Issues of challenges: If there is a problematic area for Sagittarius, it would be that there is a tendency for taking risks, and also, there is a cavalier attitude about things. Sarcasm can be pretty thick, and they take things pretty lightly. The issues of joy: Truly, when Sagittarius is skiing down a huge

The issues of joy: Truly, when Sagittarius is skiing down a huge hill, then climbs aboard a plane to Timbuktu, then heads off to an ashram – all in one day – that is complete joy to them. The adventure is the thing, and always present in their lives.

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