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Horoscope for the Week of Mar. 30th:

Saturn has just moved into Aquarius: This has to do with the liberation of issues that are old and outworn, that need to be purged out. This week, the newer ideas are coming in the back door, and moving through to that level of emancipation, and in the end, will completely change in our experiences. We are now dealing with a huge health crisis which could change our world in the future. For the next couple of years, we will be tested in our acceptance of the new truths, and how they are affecting our outlook on life:

The planets, Jupiter and Pluto are together in your chart this week – at the same degree – which means a major shift within yourself to find some kind of center within you that you can count on, and get positive energy from. These two together mean that you find yourself teaching and helping others with deep seated problems. That’s what humanity will be needing soon enough – people who can help others that are in pain and don’t know how to deal with it. If anyone can do that, Pisces it’s you with your sensitivity and empathy!

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All About Pisces  (February 19 – March 20)

Element: Water
Quality: Mutable

Pisces is one of the more confusing signs, in that they are a combination of all 12 signs. This has to do with their empathic nature. When one is an empath, they feel everything from everyone, which includes how each other sign is. The water quality makes them fluid with their emotions, and their mutability suggests that their emotions shift and change with the tide. They really don’t hang onto things, because they let things go fairly easily. They DO get their feelings hurt, however, pretty easily, but ultimately, let go.

As I mentioned, one of Pisces greatest abilities is to be extremely psychic with almost any given situation. It is as though they are a vessel of water that mutates as different things happen. The idea that water will take the form of the vessel it is in, is just like Pisces. Because of this trait, Pisces is known as a shapeshifter. It can change and mutate into whatever is needed at the moment. If you look into a Pisces face, you’ll see the soft, faraway look of someone who is in their body, but not of it.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune. The God of the Sea, and the greatest force in Piscean lives. Pisces absolutely need to be by the water, or they’ll dry out, which isn’t something that is desired. Neptune’s force is a universal one, and most certainly Pisces knows that there is a greater force than themselves.

Associated body part: The feet and the lymphatic systems.

Issues of Challenge: As sensitive as Pisces is, this can be a downfall for them, when they are over-sensitive to outside forces. Because of their sensitivity, they can try to escape anything associated with anything uncomfortable, and will sometimes be drawn to various addictions to try and blot out the unpleasantness of the situation. They can be in denial of things, which is something they have to work on, to face the truth of a ticklish situation.

Issues of Joy. The joy is simple – and that’s about it, it’s simple. When completely calm and doing things listening to music, meditating, or doing art, this is something that calms the soul, and Pisces will be in a very good place, indeed. One with the universe, one with God.

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