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Healthy Love = A Healthy Heart

I’m sitting in a coffee shop writing about the heart, when I overhear soft cries coming from the table next to me. I witness the stressful exchange on my way to the restroom. Two women are sitting across from each other, one tries to suppress rolling tears; wiping her creaming cheeks quickly, then whisking the moisture onto her jeans. The other woman makes direct eye contact with her distressed companion, never diverting her compassionate stare. I told myself I would turn the volume up on my Pandora jazz, as soon as I returned to my laptop, and muffle her heart wrenching sobs. I did my best not to look in their direction. But it was a little too late. My empathic pulse could feel her anguish of a love lost.

We have all experienced loves hurt. Wanting passion, and attachment so desperately, we forget to ask the soul if the worshiped desire is in the best interest of all. Could it be that we’re choosing love in an unhealthy way? Are we forcing circumstances out of ego instead of an unveiled freedom of awareness? And if we are, is this determination in part bringing into being the leading cause of death in the US – heart disease? Over 80 million Americans suffer from some sort of cardiovascular disorder. That number is expected to rise annually due to modern medicine’s ability to prolong living with chronic conditions.

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