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Healing may be just your fingertips away

Tune in Thursday, June 27th at 8 a.m. (repeats Monday, July 1st at 6 a.m.) for The Original Loretta Brown Show as Alexis Brink, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of Jin Shin for healing and the head of Jin Shin Institute in New York City, shares the power of this holistic treatment.

Alexis will talk about her new book THE ART OF JIN SHIN: THE JAPANESE PRACTICE OF HEALING WITH YOUR FINGERTIPS. Founded in the mid-1900s by Jiro Murai in Japan and brought to the Western world by practitioner Mary Burmeister, the Art of Jin Shin works simply by placing the hands on different locations on the body, acting as “jumper cables,” which is instrumental in restoring and harmonizing blocked, stagnant energy that are at the root of such common and complex ailments as: backache, anxiety, colds and flu, digestive issues, immune disorders, migraines, insomnia, and much more.

Did you know you hold the power to heal yourself right at your fingertips? Jin Shin Jyutsu (pronounced jit-su) is based on the ancient Japanese healing art of energy medicine that is now practiced throughout the world. Although related to acupressure, acupuncture, and massage therapy, the Art of Jin Shin is not a physical manipulation of tissue and uses only minimal pressure. It involves a gentle touch with the fingers and hands to redirect or unblock the flow of energy along the body’s 52 points—26 on each side of the body (called Safety Energy Locations, or SELs)—on pathways where energy tends to get stuck. This simple, gentle process allows energy to flow smoothly in the correct direction. With balance restored, comes a sense of well-being and calm.

This book is aimed primarily at novices, THE ART OF JIN SHIN: THE JAPANESE PRACTICE OF HEALING WITH YOUR FINGERTIPS gives readers all the basics to practice it by themselves; they can keep it as simple as holding a finger or take it to a deeper level by using a specific flow pattern. It takes 20 minutes to complete one circulation pattern, but one can also hold a finger or SEL for a couple of minutes for a specific need. With a foreword by Elizabeth Cutler, Co-Founder of SoulCycle and herself a practitioner of Jin Shin, and concluding with an Afterword by bestselling author Karen Duffy, a longtime client of Alexis’s, THE ART OF JIN SHIN will also appeal to healthcare professionals, caregivers, yoga instructors, massage therapists, or parents looking to help their children using holistic approaches. Healing power is right at your fingertips!

Alexis Brink is the president of Jin Shin Institute in New York City and has been a practitioner of the Art Jin Shin since 1991. She is a licensed massage therapist and interfaith minister and has taught self-help classes and workshops in New York City as well as in different countries for many years. She has taught Jin Shin in hospitals to nurses and to teachers and their students in the public-school system.

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Loretta Brown, owner of Reiki Oasis, has been practicing and teaching Reiki Energy Medicine, sound healing, intuitive Guidance, past life regression, meditation and psychic development since 1995. Born as a sensitive, Loretta always felt at home among the concepts of angels, spirits, fairies, energies, vibration, sound, music, devas, goddesses and God. However, it took years for her to understand not everyone had these gifts, and to figure out how to use them to help others navigate their lives in a more positive way. Now, she is dedicated to helping everyone discover their own gifts, resonate from the very center of their Being and live the joy-filled life they were meant to live. Loretta has traveled the world extensively, teaching and performing internationally, has studied with great spiritual teachers, and has spent years chanting, searching for truths, visiting sacred sites and learning the great mysteries. Her joy is sharing as a Teacher, Channel and Healer so you can renew, refresh, and re-member who you really are and why you are on the planet at this time. Loretta also offers Crystal Bowl Healing Concerts, Loretta offers in person one-on-one sessions, as well as workshops, skype and phone sessions.

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