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Tune into The Original Loretta Brown Show, Thursday, Oct. 6th at 8 a.m. (repeats Monday at 6 a.m.) as welcomes House Healer Tim Walter!

After 30 years in professional video, film, TV and conference production, primarily as a producer of high end corporate messaging, Tim  Walter now works as a house-healer and alternative life coach. In 1998 a simple house move led Tim and family to a life-changing encounter when they discovered they were sharing their new found home with a ghost. The dis-incarnate presence known simply as “Jane” was no ordinary ghost and taught Tim many new ways of seeing the world introducing him to the concept of earth energy. It was meeting author, metal worker, philanthropist and dowser, Hamish Miller that helped Tim discover dowsing as a simple way to access intuition and thereby work with these subtle energies for well being. Known about since the birth of humankind, earth energy seems to be sentient fields of force that connect us all to the non-local (quantum) field of infinite possibility. Earth energy therefore is a crucial part of the mechanism of creating our reality. For those embarking on a spiritual journey communicating with these vortices of subtle creative power can be a significant step.
As a “house healer” we don’t “heal” either houses or people! People are healed by their own decisions to change and in so doing they align with forces of creation to shift the energy of circumstance enabling them to move on from limitations that have held them in “darkness”. Those limitations might be subtle energy fields generated from people or the natural world. They might be influences that are historical or current. What we are looking for are examples of subtle energies that are out of harmonic resonance with the individual. In this sense we are looking into the very personal universe of an individual point of creation.
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Loretta Brown, owner of Reiki Oasis, has been practicing and teaching Reiki Energy Medicine, sound healing, intuitive Guidance, past life regression, meditation and psychic development since 1995. Born as a sensitive, Loretta always felt at home among the concepts of angels, spirits, fairies, energies, vibration, sound, music, devas, goddesses and God. However, it took years for her to understand not everyone had these gifts, and to figure out how to use them to help others navigate their lives in a more positive way. Now, she is dedicated to helping everyone discover their own gifts, resonate from the very center of their Being and live the joy-filled life they were meant to live. Loretta has traveled the world extensively, teaching and performing internationally, has studied with great spiritual teachers, and has spent years chanting, searching for truths, visiting sacred sites and learning the great mysteries. Her joy is sharing as a Teacher, Channel and Healer so you can renew, refresh, and re-member who you really are and why you are on the planet at this time. Loretta also offers Crystal Bowl Healing Concerts, Loretta offers in person one-on-one sessions, as well as workshops, skype and phone sessions. Find out more about her at