Giving sustenance to your soul


Do you feel torn between staying informed and staying sane? Too stressed out to meditate? Too anxious to pray or roll out your yoga mat? The truth is, when the world gets chaotic and confounding, we need spiritual practice more than ever. That’s when our souls need sustenance. That’s when we need to recharge and ground ourselves to take on the challenge.

Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times has the tools and techniques you need to access the sanctuary of peace and fortress of strength within you—at a moment’s notice, in whatever time you have. SPIRITUAL PRACTICE FOR CRAZY TIMES: Powerful Tools to Cultivate Calm, Clarity, and Courage is by Philip Goldberg.

This will be the topic of The Original Loretta Brown Show, October 22nd at 8 a.m. (repeats Monday, October 26th at 6 a.m.

Tune in and hear your host, Loretta Brown interview  Philip as he describes drawing on every spiritual path—especially the empirical methods of the Yoga tradition—as well as psychology and scientific research, to offer a wide range of methods to center the mind, heal the body, and refresh the spirit. You’ll get insightful instruction in practices ranging from deep meditation to cognitive reframing to “spiritual time management,” along with detailed guidelines for creating a spiritual routine that suits your needs and lifestyle This compassionate, down-to-earth book will help you find refuge, balance, and power in these crazy times— and prepare you to take robust steps to help restore sanity in the world around you

Philip Goldberg has been studying the world’s spiritual traditions for more than 45 years. He is the author or co-author of some 25 books published in more than a dozen languages. His book American Veda was named by Huffington Post and Library Journal as one of the Top 10 Religion Books of 2010; it was followed in 2018 by the popular biography The Life of Yogananda. He blogs on Spirituality & Health and cohosts the Spirit Matters podcast.

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Loretta Brown, owner of Reiki Oasis, has been practicing and teaching Reiki Energy Medicine, sound healing, intuitive Guidance, past life regression, meditation and psychic development since 1995. Born as a sensitive, Loretta always felt at home among the concepts of angels, spirits, fairies, energies, vibration, sound, music, devas, goddesses and God. However, it took years for her to understand not everyone had these gifts, and to figure out how to use them to help others navigate their lives in a more positive way. Now, she is dedicated to helping everyone discover their own gifts, resonate from the very center of their Being and live the joy-filled life they were meant to live. Loretta has traveled the world extensively, teaching and performing internationally, has studied with great spiritual teachers, and has spent years chanting, searching for truths, visiting sacred sites and learning the great mysteries. Her joy is sharing as a Teacher, Channel and Healer so you can renew, refresh, and re-member who you really are and why you are on the planet at this time. Loretta also offers Crystal Bowl Healing Concerts, Loretta offers in person one-on-one sessions, as well as workshops, skype and phone sessions.

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