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Gingersnap Players present Upstaged NW!; a half hour radio theater performance of “Overruled” by George Bernard Shaw Wednesday at 3p

Gingersnap Players, a band of professional thespians in the Seattle area, are proud to present Upstaged NW!; a half hour radio theater performance of a new or an adapted play that centers on a topical issue.
Our premiere show is “Overruled” by George Bernard Shaw, starring Mollie Falls, Jason Philip Hay, Mok Moser, and Gail Wamba.
When Shaw’s one-act play, “Overruled,” was first produced in 1912 he deemed it a farcical comedy in the vein of pseudo sex dramas. Yet though the characters are somewhat overblown and cerebral, there’s nothing absurd about its subject matter. Maintaining fidelity in a marriage or a long-term partnership is universally relevant to our modern Western society.
The play centers around two happily married couples. They’re happily married, but not entirely satisfied. One character longs to fall in love again. Another craves the martyrdom of a guilty passion. A third seeks amusement while the fourth desires to be surrounded by people who love her. Call it the seven-year itch, they have each succumbed to the temptation of a new romance.
We meet each new “couple” at the end of their vacations when impending separation has heightened vulnerabilities and intensified their feelings for one another. Declarations of love are duly expressed. “What do we do now?” is the question that hangs over each pair like a palpable cartoon bubble.
This conundrum is further complicated when the newly formed pairs encounter their beloved spouses. The cat is out of the bag; there is no room for evasion. Confrontation, then, forms the meat of the play. Shaw endeavored to show how and why couples become unfaithful. “I want to hear the truths they [married people] have to tell one another when they have to face what they have done without concealment or excuse,” he writes.
Having acknowledged their mutual attractions, the couples must decide how to humanely move forward. What would you do in this situation? Find out how the play resolves by listening to our premiere show on March 11 at 3pm!
Visit www.upstagednw.com for more information about us and to join a post-show discussion. Meet the Gingersnap Players and discover our rehearsal process; read the background of Shaw’s one act; find links to the “Overruled” soundtrack; contribute to a discussion on the show’s central theme of ethical, alternative relationship possibilities, explore links for further investigation. Tune into both the broadcast and the website for entertainment and catharsis! Don’t miss teh show this Wednesday (3/11) at 3p!upstaged nw

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