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42nd Seattle International Film Festival

SIFF2016The Seattle International Film Festival is one of Seattle’s prized traditions, bringing the world to the Pacific Northwest with a celebration of cinema from every point of the globe. The Festival features a wide-ranging lineup across all genres and budgets from star-studded blockbusters to fiercely independent and international fare along with films appropriate for young and old alike. A favorite with visitors as well as locals, SIFF presents the opportunity to meet filmmaking talent and stars, attend gala screenings with parties, and participate in forums and panels during the largest and most highly attended film festival in the United States. Screenings take place in venues throughout Seattle as well as in neighboring cities Shoreline, Bellevue, Kirkland, and Renton during the 25-day event.

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Here are some films that should be on your go see list:

Whistleblower: In this thriller in the tradition of Costa Gavras’ Z and Ben Affleck’s ARGO, a Filipino accountant, adept at finding tax loopholes, turns the tables against her wealthy businesswoman employer in a far-reaching political scandal.

Author: The JT LeRoy Story: Uncover the fascinating truth behind wunderkind JT LeRoy, whose tough, sordid memoirs about life as a teenage male hustler captivated the literary world—until he was revealed to be a fictional creation of 40-year-old female writer Laura Albert.

Body: The stories of a hardened coroner, his angsty teen daughter, and a supernaturally inclined therapist who claims she can communicate with the dead are intertwined for a complex tale of loneliness and belief, infused with a strong dose of black humor.

Kilo Two Bravo: A relentless, HURT LOCKER-esque true story about a patrol of British paratroopers in Afghanistan who, while trying to disable a Taliban roadblock, are marooned in a minefield along the Kajaki dam.

NUTS!: Inventive and wildly fun, filmmaker Penny Lane (OUR NIXON) recounts the unbelievable true story of a Kansas doctor who became a sensation in Depression-era America after he claimed that he could cure impotence by transplanting goat testicles into men.

There’s something for every taste, age, and budget! Single tickets start at $13 with various discounts available. Ticket packages and passes are on sale now or by calling 206-324-9996.  Tickets for the Opening Night film and Gala are now on sale. Complete line-up, schedule, and single tickets available May 5th.

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