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Your Indelible Worth

Your Indelible WorthFeel yourself enwrapped in Love’s embrace as you join Janine Miller-Delany in a loving encounter with your highest self, the Divine within. Within each lesson you’ll unveil a reminder of who you are and how deeply you are loved—exactly as you are. It is a journey of re-discovering your unchangeable worth that lies within the very essence of Divine Love Itself. As a therapist, Janine has discovered that remembering the divine truth of your being is the place to begin if you are wanting to discover your innate worth. Your Indelible Worth is divided into 12 Lessons that include reflections, therapeutic exercises, meditations, and guided prompts to let the Messages of Love inside create an inner shift and a path to remembering. When there exists a void or wound—rooted in any type of painful experience or fear of separation from one’s Source—the damage to the core self can be irreparable without accessing the inner voice of Divine Love within. These unhealed wounds perpetuate stress, limiting beliefs, and mental health issues. The journey within Your Indelible Worth offers blissful release and an opening to your unlimited power as the Divine Light that you are. Janine is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Counseling Supervisor in Upper Sandusky, OH. She has spent the last 30 plus years meeting and joining individuals from every walk of life as they journey through their life struggles, overcome obstacles, and discover their inner power. Through her private counseling & life coaching practice, retreats, workshops, and public speaking engagements, Janine has spent her career joining individuals on their healing journey. She has helped each not only heal through trauma, loss, and degradation of the soul but more so awaken to their innate worth and power as they come to recognize the Divine Light within themselves. She has made it her mission to bring spiritual depth and awareness to the healing process of therapy. Find out more at