Yes, No and the Great Grey In-Between

Amy’s weekly Fireside Chat quote comes from Robin Arzon and is worth cutting and pasting into your brain: “Own your no so you can protect your yes.” Amy looks back on the relatable situation of being an elementary school room parent with another parent with a VERY different focus and style. She muses how it was just one example of a situation where she might have been better served saying no. She welcomes back her friend, Tori Berntsen to the program. As a coach and educator, Tori has experience balancing on the fine line between yes and no; a line that came into sharp focus after a family member’s health took priority early in her marriage. That experience proved to be a guiding force in her personal and professional life. The conversation is full of ah-ha moments, even rendering Amy’s producer Stacy speechless for a moment. The authenticity is real as Amy continues to embrace being, Eternally Amy.