“Yes, I Can Help Ukraine” – Part I

Episode 80: “Yes, I Can Help Ukraine” – Part I

JDK welcomes a special guest to the show, Tanya Zayka of the Ukrainian Association of Washington State, for a heartfelt and powerful discussion about the extensive relief efforts that are still underway to help the people of Ukraine as they continue to resist the brutal Russian invasion of their country. Tanya shares about growing up in Ukraine, her country’s history, her relief projects and those of many other individuals. These include shipping winter clothing, medical supplies, and even NICU machines for newborns to war torn areas. It is both a sobering and inspiring series of stories, and Tanya also provides clear advice on how each of us can take simple steps that will literally save lives. Such action is urgent, as the need for aid in Ukraine is only growing….

Be sure to catch Part II of this important conversation with Tanya in next week’s episode.