YAA’s Ray and Zac Shefska | Infiniti QX50

This week on DriveTime Radio… New York Vinnie begins by talking about and the infrastructure bill which will make EVs much more convenient to own and keep charged. Plus, how the technology is developing in vehicles to detect and prevent driving under the influence of alcohol. Then, for the main segment of the show, Vinnie interviews Ray and Zac Shefska from YAA to find out about their YouTube channel Your Advocate Alliance and how they help people make the wisest moves when purchasing a vehicle from a dealership.

This week, Vinnie drives the Ford Bronco Sasquatch and reviews the Infiniti QX50 on the DriveTime Road Test.

Listen to the Car Tune “Turkey In My Car” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJljb-03y1Q