Why Ignoring Your Emotions can Sabotage Your Dreams

Guest- Catherine Sherlock, Founder Higher Mindfulness

Our guest, Catherine Sherlock, plays on the edge of human potential, elevating lives and leadership. She speaks and writes extensively about how our work environment has transformed in the last 20 years and in order for leaders to remain on the cutting edge, they need to function in higher levels of consciousness. Today we are talking about emotions. A quote from her LinkedIn page:
Emotions are funny things – they are nothing, in a way, and yet they hold huge power in human lives.
The power to destroy lives, sabotage our best intentions, destroy relationships, and break down marriages and families. They’re at the root of addictions – drug and alcohol use, consumerism, frantic busyness. They can lead to suicide, murder and even war.
But it’s not really emotions that are at the heart of all this.
Emotions are not harmful.
It’s the stuffing of emotions that cause the difficulties. The inability to process them.
If you want to create a wealthy life, to live into your true potential, Catherine’s knowledge and experience, not to mention her sage advice is essential.

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