Why Courage Is So Important In Your Relationship

Why Courage Is So Important In Your Relationship

Most relationship coaches, therapists, and counselors would probably say that communication is the number one problem that we face in our relationships. And, I would say that is absolutely not the truth.

Yes, of course communication is a part of the problems we face in our relationships, but what’s more important than communication is our ability to show up and say what it is we need to say. Especially when things are tough, because that is when it counts the most.

But, what usually happens in times like these, is our knees buckle and our hands get a little shaky and we can’t follow through. Because unfortunately, we don’t talk about courage when it comes to our relationships with others and our relationships with ourselves.

Courage is absolutely one of the most important things we need in our relationships in order to create love for a lifetime. So, join Tom and me this week in the Love Shack as we explore courage, what it means, why you need it in your relationships, and how you can get some.

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