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Whose Side Are You On, Anyway?”

Episode 118: “Whose Side Are You On, Anyway?”


JDK focuses this week on a story about Nancy Cunard, an early-twentieth century European intellectual and writer who challenged her fellow writers to take a stand by openly stating their “side” in the Spanish Civil War (1937-39), which pitted a democratically elected left-wing government against the fascist-driven Nationalist movement led by Francisco Franco. For Cunard, it was vital for leading thinkers then to take sides in the larger ideological struggle epitomized by the Spanish Civil War. How applicable is that question to us today in the midst of the political and ideological battles going on in the US, and the literal battles being fought in Ukraine and being threatened in Asia? JDK explores where history can and cannot guide us on this question, and asks us to take a good look at ourselves before we “take a side” on these – and any other – important matters.