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Where the Wind Wills

Dee Flower, photographer, Travel Writer and Adventurer is author of an exciting adventure-driven travel memoir, Where the Wind Wills: Life Can be as Unpredictable as the Wind by D. Flower. Dee’s desire is to inspire others to embrace our diversity while celebrating our oneness. As a happily divorced woman in her forties, Dee finds it is not too late to live an adventure-driven life – where she must be willing to take physical, emotional, and romantic risks. Where the Wind Wills begins as thoughts flash in front of her: Are there any positive aspects of drowning in Lake Turkana today? The turquoise water feels warm as it encircles my body. Maybe hypothermia won’t set in until nightfall. I shiver when grasping the alternative—the Nile crocodiles patiently waiting with mouths open, teeth gnashing, ready to tear into my flesh. Not, today. Not this way. I will not die today! As an avid traveler and a former park ranger, she is a member of the National Association for Interpretation, which has an international audience of over 3000 members in 30 countries. Her cover story, Rural Africa, has been published in Legacy magazine. Her photos have been exhibited along with speaking engagements at the Lost Boys Art Gallery, the annual Celebration of Cultures event in Centennial Park, and the Green Hills Library for Black History month, all in Nashville, TN, and the Sandpoint Library and the Bonner County Library in Sandpoint, ID. Website: