Team Doney Coe

When You Have Been There

Team Doney Coe is out in the community helping pets AND their people and thanks to the many donors and volunteers the efforts and results are growing every day. In this episode we hear an introduction from the President of the Board of Directors, Marti Casey—to a remarkable woman who is now part of the Doney Coe Team—Amanda Richer. And then we have a conversation with Amanda herself.

Amanda is right there in the trenches with the pets AND their people, and—she has also been there herself, down on her luck and unhoused. She is now a full fledged member of Team Doney Coe and is also on numerous panels and committees addressing homelessness, health and compassion for our fellow humans . It’s wonderful to have her as part of the Doney Coe Team. When you have been there, you bring a different perspective and new ways to understand and help.