American Road Trip Talk

Weeki Wachee Woes

This is a special American Road TripTalk due to both the subject and the guest. Weeki Wachee Springs, is a natural wonder in northwest Florida where “mermaids” have performed under water for millions of visitors since it opened shortly after WWII. Right now the very existence of this extraordinary attraction is in danger. Like every state in the union, Florida is trying to save money by cutting costs and state services. Weeki Wachee became a Florida state park in 2008 and has been extremely successful since then. However the state of Florida is threatening to privatize services at the park which would threaten the quality of services currently being offered. Our guest, Barbara Wynns, became a mermaid at the historic park many years ago but still performs regularly as one of the “retired” mermaids. She is passionate about saving Weeki Watchee from the changes that the state of Florida wants to make.