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Holly Hallowell (Anahata) is dedicated to the revival of practical magic through leveraging Water as the liquid crystalline supercomputer that it is. After remembering her life as a Muan Waterbender, she has been gridding the Water of Gaia with Assisting Frequencies since 2017. Her love of Science and Spirituality add cohesion and physicality to an otherwise nebulous and hypothetical subject matter. With tens of thousands of students worldwide and dozens of Certified Practitioners, Holly’s revolutionary methods are disrupting the Manifestation and Self Development space. This is her fourth published book, and she has many more being written. She lives with her daughter in SW Florida. You can join the Universe(city) for additional tools and resources.
In her book, Light Memory An Alchemist’s Guide to Waterbending she brings much needed information. Is Water the missing link to Manifestation? This book makes “The Secret” look like child’s play. If you aren’t working with Water, you’re missing out on 99% of your potential magnetism. After all, you are 99% Water on a molecular level. Holly Hallowell remembered something astonishing from her past life in Lemuria as a Muan Waterbender: Water is a liquid crystalline supercomputer capable of holding and emitting energy and information. But not just that, she remembered ways to use the Divine structure of Water to ask, align, allow, and activate your full potential and she shares them with you in this revolutionary book. Find out more about Anahata Holly Hallowell at