American Road Trip Talk

Veils, Vettes and Vows

One of the great American Road annual events is the Woodward Dream Cruise held each year on a stretch of Woodward Avenue in Detroit, MI that runs from Detroit city limits to the suburb of Pontiac nearly 30 miles to the north. The day features classic cars that have been lovingly cared for traversing some of the oldest paved road in the country. Hundreds of thousands of classic car enthusiasts and curious fans line the entire route. Some large parking areas a reserved for special displays by companies that serve this audience. Our show today focuses on a unique display that was part of the 2016 Woodward Cruise. The classic car insurance company Hagerty, based in Traverse City, MI, created a drive thru display called Veils, Vettes and Vows. Our guest, Rachel Flynn, the Haggerty Youth Advocacy Coordinator, will ftll you in on this fun and popular site. You won’t want to miss this interview.