Urban Forum Northwest

Urban Forum NW 08 – 15 – 19

with Co-Host Hayward Evans:

*Attorney Jesse Wineberry, Sr., Initiative 1000 (I-1000) campaign leader to restore Affirmative Action that witnessed the support of almost 400,000 registered voters and passed into law by the Washington State Legislature April 28, 2019. This ray of hope comes after 20 years of legalized discrimination with the passage of Initiative-200 (I-200) in 1998 that banned Affirmative Action in education, employment, and contracting opportunities with public agencies. Dr. Wineberry will update the strategy to pass I-1000 that will be on the November ballot.

*Kali Holloway, Director, Make It Right Project, an organization dedicated to removing Confederate Monuments from public spaces. There are a number of Confederate General named Army bases primarily in the South, including one named for General John Brown Gordon, the reputed head of the Reconstruction-era Ku Klux Klan in Georgia. Highway 99 in Washington State was named for Confederate President Jefferson Davis from the Canadian border to the Oregon border in 1941 and we recently changed that. In Seattle a Confederate Monument is placed in Lake View Cemetery on Capitol Hill.

*Lena Tuffaha, is a Palestinian-American author, poet and activist will comments on President Trump’s involvement with the dis invitation to US Representatives Omar and Tlaib visit to Israel.