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TTR Network – Why Weight? Look better. Feel better.

Why Weight? Look better. Feel better. Be your best from the inside out with Georgette LePage.: FLIPPING DIET CULTURE BELIEFS.

We’ll talk about the impact diet culture has on us and how we can break free from old beliefs that don’t serve us! We’ll also learn about the “one size does NOT fit all” mindset!

Georgette lives and breathes what she teaches; she is living proof of what can work for you. Join her as she tackles topics that are often seen as roadblocks to weight loss and offers you practical solutions for transformational changes that will help you feel empowered! Using your greatest asset, your mind, you’ll learn to take charge of your thoughts, actions, and feelings. There’s no magic pill or an absolute solution and that’s exciting! Starting right away with small steps will guide you closer and closer to the results you want and deserve.