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TTR Network – Transmutation Time with Kelly Kay

Transmutation Time with Kelly Kay: Energetic Alchemy for an Amazing Life: Transmutation for Ascension.

Why transmutation of energy is KEY to the spiritual ascension process!

Kelly Kay wants to empower listeners to recognize that their past can stick with them energetically, causing them to repeat karmic patterns that keep them stuck. Most of our karmic/energetic patterning is subconscious and is difficult to recognize without a proper guide. The good news is that once it’s brought to light and ‘seen’ energetically, it can be transmuted – shifted into wisdom, healing, and transcendence from pain. It’s only when we can bring the shadow into the light can we truly heal and grow. Transmutation Time: Energetic Alchemy for an Amazing Life will help listeners consciously work on healing and transmuting pain and unhealthy patterns from their past so they can show up to life healed and whole, creating smoother family dynamics, better professional opportunities, and an easier time in romantic relationships.