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TTR Network – The Dr. Pat Show – When Romance Becomes a Scam

When Romance Becomes a Scam with Special Guest Trish Laub! The heart beats fast at the prospect of a romancer but more and more that romancer is really catfishing to scam and exploit its victim. Dating has changed significantly in the 2000s. It is largely online based, offers a global dating pool, is many times remote to the extent that daters don’t meet for quite a while if ever and includes terms such as catfishing and romance scams. In 2021, in the U.S. alone, catfishing and romance scams cost its prey over $1 billion dollars and countless disbelieving broken hearts. How can you spot a scam and move on to your true romance? Dr. Pat and guest Trish Laub discuss the exploited world of catfishing and romance scams. Website: https://www.comfortintheirjourney.com/