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The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Spirit Marriage: Intimate Relationships with Otherworldly Beings with Dr. Megan Rose. An in-depth exploration of the practice, relevance, and purpose of spirit marriage around the world. Exploring the phenomenon of the spirit spouse or spirit lover–an entity to which a human is psychically bonded–Megan Rose, Ph.D., shares her interviews with ten contemporary practitioners of spirit marriage, including a Faery Seer, a Shakta Tantric, a West African Shrine Keeper, a New Orleans Voodoo Mambo, Haitian Vodou practitioners, and a ceremonial magician. She also shares her own psycho-spiritual journey into becoming a practitioner of spirit marriage herself. Website(s): https://www.drmeganrose.com/ https://www.spiritmarriage.com/