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How Heart Leaders Are Changing The World with guests Amber & Austin from Suivera

Amber Mikesell is a leader in the field of human transformation, receiving international recognition as a Master Life & Health Coach. Along with her private practice, she is the founder of Suivera, a nonprofit multi-faith organization whose mission is to create a global movement of love.

As a coach and educator, Amber has traveled the world and supported over one million individuals and organizations in more than 80 countries. Her approach begins with self-love as the foundation, allowing that love to build from within and radiate out to the world. Her heart-centered program empowers individuals to witness how a healthy sense of self-love can heal on multiple levels; not only for the individual practicing self-love, but also for their families, social circles and the communities they foster.

Amber’s education includes in-depth studies in world religion, world cultures and social science. She holds multiple certifications in health and wellness including Ayurveda, TCM, multiple forms of Meditation, Kinesiology, Traditional Vedic Yoga, Holistic Nutrition, Plant-Based Nutrition, and many more. She has a BA in Communication from Otterbein University and is taking part in a Quantum Sciences Masters/PhD program, studying with world renowned theoretical quantum physicist Dr. Amit Goswami.

Helping others discover their true selves is Austin’s passion. Bridging the gap and embodying compassion and intellect is what drives him. Austin’s kind and friendly approach is there to support you on your journey to heart-centered self-discovery.

Austin’s education includes a BSBA in Marketing and in Management from the University of Denver where he also had a full golf scholarship. He is a highly successful entrepreneur who has had experience starting companies in many different industries and traveled around the world – all of which have led him to where he is now. Austin’s certifications include Life Coach, Meditation Practitioner and Plant-Based Nutrition. Austin is also a Founder of Suivera, a nonprofit multi-faith organization whose mission is to create a global movement of love.