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The Way of Abundance and Joy: The Shamanic Teachings of don Alberto Taxo with Shirley Blancke.

The high-ranking Ecuadorian shaman, don Alberto Taxo, wishes to share with the Western world how to use awareness to connect with the natural world. Its healing properties may benefit us and the planet, but we have to know how to access them. Logic alone cannot do it. He is living out the Andean prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor, the coming together of heart and mind. The first section on his upbringing shows how he developed spiritually to be able to rise above the racism he and his family encountered to act towards others with love. His teachings in the second part provide guidance on how to relate to the elements, earth, water, air and fire, on a personal level in daily life. In the third part some of don Alberto’s students and professional shamanic associates, authors John Perkins and Itzhak Beery, provide their reflections and what they learned from their association with him.